Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Little Ride

Yesterday, the temperature got to 50F, although it was pretty windy.  Maisie and I went for a little ride with Charisma.  My goal for the ride was, again, relaxation - to have Maisie walk without rushing on a loose rein, with relaxation.

This time we had the advantage of having another trail companion, and the disadvantage that Charisma was very "up" - wanting to walk very fast and to make a beeline for home at the earliest opportunity.  At some points, Charisma gave little bucks and spooks, and did a lot of pulling on her reins.  Maisie did very well through all of this.  Every time she started to get a little excited, or go too fast, or start jigging, she relaxed again when I asked her to.  We arrived back at the barn with a loose rein and sufficiently relaxed demeanor, so instead of asking her to do more, I got right off and put her away to reward her for doing what I had asked her to do.


  1. Caught up a bit with this blog now too.

    Maisie seems to be an interesting girl. I noted your comments about the chiropractic work below. It can make a world of difference, as can acupuncture.

    Also, since Maisie is a bit high strung in some ways, you might also consider ulcers. They are far more common in horses than we realize and can contribute to all kinds of training issues.

    So much of our horses' behaviors stem from physical issues. I think most of them would be most happy to please us if they were able to.

    Hope to drop by to see how things are progressing here as well as in the Year blog.

  2. Yes, ulcers are a possibility, particularly since she's fussy at feeding time in the morning (but not the evening when her tummy's full). I'm thinking of starting her on ulcer meds to see if they make a difference. My daughter has a mare (not one of our horses here) with aggression issues, and it turns out she had severe ulcers - she's improved greatly since she's been on meds. Thanks for stopping by.


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