Friday, February 27, 2009

On Feeding

I've been meaning to do a post, or several posts, on how we feed our horses, but in the meantime, please check out the excellent post on feeding by Melissa of Paradigm Farms Horse Retirement.  This is the second of her posts on feeding, and both posts are thoughtful and practical.  She has particular experience with senior horses, but her thoughts are also applicable to all our horses.  She also has posted on pasture management, which is another topic I hope to post on - perhaps once we have pastures again!


  1. My horses get a pelleted feed three times a day, plenty of free choice hay, and alfalfa cubes in the morning. They are also on the Strongid daily wormer.

    They are fat, shiny, and seem to be pretty healthy, with not too wacky dispositions, and plenty of energy.

    So far, so good. I don't have a lot of grass, even in season, but just enough to keep them browsing and busy during the day. More would be nice, but too much rich grass can cause problems too.

  2. We have very good pastures - 13 horses on 16 acres (we use dry lots in the winter), with rotational grazing and active pasture management. We do have some trouble keeping our "fatties" under control - we have two, a Morgan and a pony, that are on permanent dry lot. We also have several seniors on evening beet pulp in the winter and one senior who can no longer eat hay, grain or grass, and who gets huge amounts of beet pulp 2x day and does very well on that. I'm also a big believer in daily Strongid.


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