Monday, March 23, 2009

Eagle Nest Webcam; Rainy Day Monday

It's another rainy day Monday - blustery, raw and spitting rain.  So it was one of those rainsheet-all-the-horses days, which adds some time to my morning routine.  The horses were still delighted to go out - the new grass is just starting to come up - and due to the wind and cold, they were doing a lot of frisking.  It was fun to watch the trotting, rolling, snorting and pawing.  The boys, particularly Fritz, are spending a lot of time up by the fence with the mares' dry lot - as the mares are starting to come into heat.  We have electric between the dry lots, but if the horses are careful and stretch their necks just so, they can touch noses at the very bottom of the fence.  I could hear Dawn giving squeals as she touched noses with Fritz!  But the grass prevailed, for now, and they went their separate ways.

A friend just forwarded me a fascinating link - it's from California and is a live webcam of a bald eagle's nest - two of the eggs have just hatched.


  1. It's cold here too and they are frisky just like yours. I'm going to check out the eagles nest, it sounds really interesting.

  2. A friend sent me the link for the eagle's nest web cam - it is really fascinating!!

  3. Don't care how many years I've been doing it, I just love watching the horses interact with each other.

    Going to check on the eagles. Sounds like an interesting link.

  4. Just can't wait for some beautiful sunny weather. We have been wet and cold here in Oregon as well. I will check that eagle cam...sounds cool.


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