Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fritz and His Harem

Several of the mares are in heat - the first strong spring heat.  Misty, who has had two foals, has particularly strong heats - she only wants to talk to a stallion (or to a gelding, which is the best she's going to find around here).  For the past several days, she and Sugar, and Dawn until today (she's no longer interested), have been hanging around by the fence line between the dry lots, doing much displaying of their interest.  We have electric on both sides of the fence line, so contact is limited.

Fritz has been taking great interest in the mares - acting quite "studly" - prancing, snorting, tail swishing and parading up and down the fence line.  I'm not sure he or the "harem" ate any hay yesterday, they were so busy conversing.  He's also been doing some other stallion-like behaviors that aren't normal for him.  Yesterday I saw him charge at Scout at a full gallop from half-way across the dry lot, with ears pinned and teeth bared.  I guess he thinks Scout is the only credible rival in our otherwise senior gelding herd.  He drove Scout, who kicked out and then, in his confusion at this unseemly behavior by Fritz, galloped at high speed 3 or 4 times around the dry lot, giving bucks from time to time.  On one other chase, Fritz slipped and fell down in the hay next to the round bale holder - he was uninjured.

As a result of these antics, Fritz came in last night with cuts on both forearms - I expect from kicks.  We cleaned these up - they were mostly superficial.  This morning they were weepy in a good, wound-healing way - I hosed them clean.  Only one is at all deep, and we'll keep an eye on them.


  1. I always wonder what the geldings are thinking and fighting about. Donnie is our Don Juan, Blue thinks he's studly too and then they all run away from Mellon who is in charge of the two females, Dusty and Sweetie. But when Mellon is looking the other two are back being stupid. Don't they know they are all gelded?

  2. It's awfully funny when geldings try to "man it up". Armani does too and I will tell the mares "Ignore him girls, he's a gelding".

    Hope Fritz is Ok :)

  3. It always seems like mares get blamed for everything but geldings can be pretty darn silly too!!

  4. My mare had been overly friendly lately, guess it is that time of year!

  5. Just geldings here. They are silly enough without girls around to stir up trouble. *G*


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