Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Back!

The "it" that is back is winter!  I walked to the barn this morning in a howling wind, with the snow blowing horizontally.  There were places in the barn parking lot where it was over my tall rubber boots, and there was a 3 foot drift against the north barn door.  I think we got about 5 inches or so, but it's hard to tell.  It's that extremely heavy, wet snow that immediately packs into ice.

After I fed the horses and cleaned one of my stalls, the snowing slowed down enough that I could turn Lily, Maisie and Dawn out - there was a lot of rolling and cavorting.  Dawn was a little dubious about the wind, but she has her fleece cooler on under her sheet so she decided she was OK.  Noble went out for about 10 minutes and then thought better of it.  I brought him back in and he seems content.  Norman doesn't care where he is as long as there is food, so I left him in.  The other boarders are on their own today - it's owner turnout day - for which I'm grateful, as I think one more tromp through the heavy snow would do it for me.

It'll be one of those days when even the barefoot horses will have ice balls in their feet when we bring them in - of course Dawn just came out of her ice shoes which will make it worse.  

Now for some tea and a hot bath!  I'm dreaming of spring.


  1. Yup, snowing here too....blah! Tired of it! Sounds like you're getting hit harder! Spring will be here soon! Hang in there....go read a good book today or try a new recipe! I'm contemplating covering up my Tulip Tree bushes (2 of them) planted in our landscape! Last year it frosted on them just as they were ready to bloom!

  2. I am so glad to live in the south!:) Hope Spring weather comes your way soon.:)

  3. Phooey!! I can recall late storms here in March, but we've been lucky so far. But I won't say anything yet....sigh.

    I'd guess the horses are getting as tired of it as you are. What they want is sunny skies and nice grass.

  4. That stinks. I hope it melts really quick and the temps get warmer for you soon. Enjoy the day however you can.

  5. No one complains louder and longer about winter weather than me! I am a hot house flower and not made of tough stuff I guess. I hope spring heads your way again SOON!


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