Friday, March 20, 2009

Lil Chill Pill

It was quite cold this morning - low 20sF - but sunny and with little wind.  There was a lot of frost as well.  Lily was calm when I fed her, but as I got ready to turn horses out, she started screaming and bolting around the paddock, with lots of head-snaking and tail swishing.  I usually turn her out in the first pair, but this morning decided to let her chill out and calm herself down before I tried to handle her.

So I turned out all the mares, and then the first pair of geldings.  By then, she had calmed down and even was picking at her hay.  She haltered OK and we did some head-down and backing.  I was able to lead her out on a loose lead - she stayed at or behind my shoulder, which is what I wanted.  I did hear a few tail swishes but ignored that since she was behaving.

When we got to the gate, and I let her go, she did her "drop-the-butt-and-bolt-from-the-gate" maneuver, and chased all the other mares around the round bale just to show them who's boss!


  1. I know I am odd but I really have a soft spot for bossy mares. :)

  2. Oooh, the Queen was making her presence known. *lol* Nothing like a horse with character. Gotta love it.

  3. Lil's the bossiest mare I've ever met - she certainly does have "mare-itude"!

  4. I kind of like a bossy mare too, as long as it's not me she's bossing around.


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