Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Noble Progress

Jean at Horses of Follywoods had a good suggestion on how to help Noble feel better - she thought it might be his neck, and that stretches might help.  I did some of that last night and also did some massage, looking for knots and crampy spots.  And, in fact, he had a large cramped area at the base of the right side of his neck right above his shoulder blade and below the withers.  I did a lot of massage and pressure application on his whole neck starting at the poll, particularly focussing on the tightest areas.  He seemed to really appreciate it, and stood ground-tied for the whole thing.  When I led him off, he seemed to be walking less stiffly already.  I turned him out in a small paddock to walk around for a bit, so he wouldn't stiffen back up, and then took him to our arena, thinking he might like to roll in the sand, but when I let him go, he just followed me around!

This morning, his neck and shoulder seemed less tight, and he walked a bit better - stride a bit longer and more confident.  Not back to normal, but better.  Tonight I may try rubbing a bit of arnica gel on the area to help with the soreness.

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  1. Good news indeed. I remembered that one time my Russell came in very lame and it turned out he had a reaction to a vaccination and his neck was sore. I had a friend who thought his horse had nerve damage. He was walking all twisted up and lame. Turned out, get this, his blanket was chafing him.

    Little things that happen in the past like that stick in your mind and sometimes they click nicely into place.

    Please give Noble another hug from me! *G*


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