Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rainy Day Sunday

It's in the mid 30sF, with thunder and lightening and heavy rain.  We've already had almost 2" of rain, and it's not over yet.  It's Sunday, so owners are responsible for their own turnout, so I only had to worry about whether to turn out my own horses - my three mares went out for about 2 hours while the rain was a bit lighter.  This gave me a chance to clean stalls (another Sunday thing).  They were glad to come back in when I got them - I had to slog through the mud to get Lily, and once I did Maisie and Dawn followed along.

When I offered to take Noble out, he looked at me and basically said "I didn't get to be this old by being stupid."  So he got a complete grooming instead - since he was dry I was able to get the mud off his lower legs for a change.  He's one of those horses that really likes grooming; he practically purrs with pleasure.  Norman the pony cares more about food than turnout, so he was happy in his stall with his hay, and he'll get some grooming along with the mares later today.

Later today I will go back and feed all the horses - I do this every Sunday.  Since they've been in, they'll be stalls to pick and hay and water to top up.  If the rain lets up, the mares at least may get a little more turnout - it'll reduce the "crazies" tomorrow when they go out.


  1. Yup, rainy here too! Thundered like crazy last night and sounded like the roof would come down it was raining so hard. Much of the same today so ours are in too. Good plan to go groom! I have five to do myself....covered in mud....bridle paths will be cut shorter, they drive me nuts when grown out! Have fun!

  2. Not fair when it rains on Sunday! It's supposed to rain here too later. I still need to get out to work the Boys and do the barn work myself.

  3. I have to say our weekend weather Friday through Sunday was glorious. Low 70's and sunny. My only complaint is it has been a bit windy today.

    I know just what you mean about getting the mud off the lower legs. It is a very satisfying feeling!


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