Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow and Hawk

I just got back from the barn - it's 15F with a wind chill of 8.  We are about 10 miles west of Lake Michigan, and sometimes get lake effect snow.  It's very pretty and fluffy, and has a low water content so it doesn't (thankfully!) pack down into ice.  It snowed a couple of inches last night, and it snowed hard the whole time I was working at the barn this morning.  But because there were bands of snow moving off the lake, there were periods of partially blue skies, and at one point the sun was shining brightly while it was still snowing.

As I was walking back into the kitchen to get a cup of tea, there was a Cooper's Hawk perched on the small tree just outside our back window - right by our bird feeders.  All hawks are beautiful, but to my mind the Cooper's is particularly elegant - very slim and with a long banded tail.  He or she was looking to have breakfast.  As I was creeping by the window to get to my camera, the hawk flew off, so no photo this time - perhaps next time!  

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  1. Love the sunset. Beautiful color. The sky can put on some amazing shows.

    I tried to get some pictures of the birds myself this afternoon. The cardinals an one bluejay were all sitting in the same tree like jewels in the snow. Of course they moved by the time I got the camera! I took a few pictures but none quite as good as the first vision I saw out there.

    Every once in a while a sparrow hawk drops by here for a meal at my feeder. It makes me feel awful when I see the feathers all around, but I guess it is just nature at work. *sigh*


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