Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today at noon I went for a walk.  It was about 50F, with a little bit of wind, and mostly cloudy - an average March day.  I was rewarded with sightings of a Muskrat, two species of migrant ducks - a whole fleet of Lesser Scaups and one male Bufflehead - and a solitary Sandhill Crane flying overhead, identifiable by its distinctive call.


  1. Muskrats are cool little creatures! I see you saw a Blue Heron yesterday as well - they are fascinating.

  2. Thinking about Noble. Could be something with his neck too. That would affect his whole back. Will he do "carrot stretches" for you. Put carrot in hand, show him, then put carrot at his flank to get him to stretch around to get it.

    If he can't then his neck may be "out." If he does, he may pop things back into place. You can also stretch his shoulders and his hind legs, gently up and out to see how he responds.

    Give him a "hug." Put his head on your shoulder and lock your arms behind his poll and pull gently down.

    Belly lifts. Hands under near the girth area. Lift and get him to arch his back.

    Aside from getting a chiropractor out to look at him--barring any other leg/hoof cause of his lameness, these exercises all might help.

    It's always so sad to see a sore horse. Poor boy.

  3. Jean - thanks for your suggestions. I have a really excellent chiropractor, who hasn't been out for a while - Maisie and Lily have been regular consumers of her services - but Noble's rarely sore. I should have her out, and also try some of your suggestions. I'm thinking mid or lower back because he already has some arthritis there and is also very sway-backed.


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