Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Danced

It is a perfectly glorious morning - a new, light, dusting of lake effect snow - huge, feathery, shiny flakes.  Almost no wind, and sun glittering on the snow.  Birds singing everywhere.  I didn't think I would feel this way when I checked the temperature this morning and it was 15F.  It's supposed to get to 30 today, and be in the 40s for the rest of the week.  Despite the cold, it really feels like spring is on the way.

The horses and I had an excellent morning.  Everyone was calm.  The horses that I asked to stand ground-tied in the barn aisle while I got their leading companion out, stood.  Every horse was happy to stand in its stall door for a moment while I rubbed faces, necks and ears.  As I was leading, the lead ropes swung gently in time with the feet.  When I matched my breathing and steps to the feet of a horse and then, without touching a lead rope, slowed my breathing and steps, the horse slowed to match.  Every horse that I asked to wait ground-tied at the gate while I let its companion go, stood patiently.  This is what dancing feels like - what a delight!

After I turned out, and while water tanks were filling, I got the Jolly Ball out of the mare's dry lot and took it to Fred and Fritz - they were interested but haven't done much with it yet.  Then I gave Fritz a good scratching on his chin, neck, chest and withers, which he enjoyed very much.

There's a report of White-winged Crossbills in the spruce trees up the road from the barn, so I'll have to go over and check that out.


  1. What a great description of your morning with the horses. Those of us who can have such mornings are so fortunate. As you talk about your dance with them, I feel you and I have much in common. I had to go through a unique learning experience, which resulted in my book Basic Training for a Safe Trail Horse with the subtitle of Eliminating the Fear Factors. It is to share with recreational riders who keep horses at home how I learned to teach my horses to be true companions just as your horses seem to be as they step with you and stay ground tied. If you would like to share info about this book, it is newly available at Amazon.com and is a small affordable paperback. thanks, Martha

  2. Martha - thank you for your comment - I'll check out your book.

  3. It is a dance, and the partners are some of the most wondrous creatures on earth.

    If you catch them playing with the Jolly Ball, see if you can figure out the rules. There's a complex scoring system involved, I'm sure of it. My Jolly Ball seems to keep apprearing in different spots around the paddocks on a regular basis, but I can't quite decipher the pattern. *G*


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