Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome, March Lion!

The wind is howling and the wind chill when I got up this morning was -8F.  The temperature today is supposed to get into the low 20s, with wind chills remaining in the single digits.  The horses still think it's spring - lots of hair being shed.  And many of the horses are nibbling on the tiniest, almost invisible, sprouts of grass in the dry lots (from the couple of warm days we had a little while ago) instead of eating the hay bales.  The male red-winged blackbirds are trying to stake out their territories in the wetlands despite the temperature.  Perhaps, since they have hope, we should too!

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  1. I'll try for hope but with a snowstorm coming it's awfully hard. 9-14 inches here in NJ is a big deal and the most we've had all season. NOT looking forward to that.


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