Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold, As Always, and Noble Seems OK

Yesterday the horses were in all day - 30s with driving rain and wind.  Today it may break 40 if we're lucky, but at lunchtime it's still in the 30s with the same wind - windchills are in the upper 20s.  This morning it was also drizzling, which added to my delight, but that seems to have mostly dissipated.  And then there's the mud from the rain yesterday - fortunately not enough to cause the horses and me to slip and slide too much in the long aisle leading to the pastures.  Scout, Blackjack and I got very close to a wonderful hawk on the aisle fence - we were within 15 feet of it before it flew off - I think it was a Cooper's Hawk or possibly a Sharp-shinned Hawk - I'm guessing Cooper's because it seemed large to me.  Neither of the photo links captures the beautiful soft reddish buff of the bird's breast - the drawings in my Sibley Guide to Birds give a much clearer picture.

Noble is much improved.  We had a bit of a scare on Saturday when the bleeding picked up - it was dripping off his nose - and the blood was brighter red.  But then the bleeding stopped, and as far as I know there hasn't been any bleeding since then.  His demeanor and eating continue to be excellent, and he's galloping around the pasture with the others.  Dr. Ana came to see him, and everything seems OK - heart, lungs, airways, sinuses and capillary refill is fine too.  We did not scope him since he seemed to be improved, and since she will be back next week to do more spring shots and can see him then if need be.  For now we just have unexplained bleeding - perhaps he just hit his head on something.  He's determined to live to be a very old, healthy horse, and I'm all for that!


  1. Glad to hear the vet couldn't find anything major with Noble. He seems like he's pretty healthy for an old guy. Hope he continues to enjoy good health.
    That's so cool that you saw a hawk up close.

  2. Your weather and ours, here in NJ, seem to be a match.

    Good word on Noble. Maybe he did just bop himself somewhere.

    Love the big birds of prey. We have some redtail hawks nearby and one was soaring over my paddock the other morning. Perhaps he/she was scouting out the bird feeder or the squirrels, but it was lovely to see, nonetheless.

  3. Great news about Noble! As I mentioned on one of your previous posts we have a horse here who gets randome nosebleeds and apparently has for most of his (long) life. They don't appear to bother him at all.

    That is awesome that you were so close to the hawk. I love to watch them, they are so beautiful. I can't imagine being able to be within 15 feet of one - very neat and very amazing!


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