Monday, April 13, 2009

Cold Spring Rain

Today we're back to early spring - maybe March 1 - high in the mid 30sF, 15-20 mph wind with gusts to 25, and rain.  The horses have mostly lost their winter coats, at least on their top halves - bellies and legs are still holding on and Lily still has a tuft of long hair below her jaw.  They would have been very cold today even with rain sheets, so they stayed in.  I'm sure they were disappointed, since yesterday was their first full day of grazing.  There isn't too much grass out there yet, but they're after every bit there is!  They were mostly philosophical this evening as I picked stalls and helped our PM lady.  Tomorrow we should get back out.

Noble has his vet appointment tomorrow AM.  His nose didn't bleed at all yesterday that I could see, and not today either that I noticed, although there was a bit of dried blood inside his nose.  We'll see what the vet has to say.  Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Wishing Noble well. My vet comes tomorrow too for routine stuff. I will be thinking of you.

    Nice day here, but rain coming tomorrow...again. *sigh*

  2. I hope you get a good vet report tomorrow for Noble. Fingers crossed!

  3. Good luck to Noble tomorrow with his vet visit. Hope it all goes well.

  4. We had the same weather here a few days ago. Yucky freezing rain with wind and most of the horses have shed out. Hope the vet visit brings good news. :)


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