Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Killdeer Nest

As promised, I managed to get a few photos of the Killdeer nest while I was waiting for the farrier this morning.  I didn't manage to get a picture of the bird on the nest, since it moved off as I approached.  There are now 4 eggs, which I understand is the norm:

Usually it's much harder to see the eggs against the stony, gravelly background that the birds usually select as a nesting site.  I worry that these eggs will be more visible to predators since they show up against the grass.

Here is the bird, doing its best to distract me from the nest:

As soon as I retreated, the bird went back to the nest.  If the eggs survive, I hope to get some pictures of the tiny hatchlings when they arrive later in May - they're miniature adults and move very fast within hours of hatching although it's a while until they can fly.


  1. The Kildeer are amazing little critters. I love the "oh, my wing's broken so follow me away from my nest so you can eat me instead," routine. It it such a brave behavior.

    Hope all the little ones hatch out just fine.

    I think one nested in the courtyard at school last year. Everyone thought Mama was hurt and tried to rescue her. Took a bit of work to convince everyone to just leave them alone.

  2. Oh I love Kildeers. Amazing little birds!! I have seen many nests in our pastures, but never have seen the babies. They are fast!
    Many years ago, right in the middle of my veggie garden there was a nest. Momma allowed me to work in my garden, watching my every move. She would never move from her nest, even allowed me to within a foot or so of her. One day, I got a little too close and she squawked quite loudly at me, jumped up with her wings spread in a very threatening posture. She was saying to "back off"!! in no uncertain terms. I humbly did so...and our status quo was resumed. I admired her greatly and had so much respect for her display of bravery. From that day forward, I referred to her as Miss Braveheart.

  3. Thank you so much for those pictures!!!!


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