Monday, April 27, 2009

Nobody Rolled

We had a huge amount of rain from Saturday through Sunday morning - over 2.5 inches.  Saturday it was warm - almost 80 - but then the temperature fell in the afternoon so some of the horses were shivering when they came in - a few got coolers put on until they warmed up.  One of the hardest parts of spring is the changeable weather - sometimes you can't put on rain sheets when you'd like to because part of the day will be too warm.  Then on Sunday, it was supposed to be done storming (after storming all night long) by 7 a.m.  It was chilly - low 40s - but supposed to get up to almost 80 in the afternoon (we had a front go by and then reverse course, causing the wide temperature swings) - so the horses went out without sheets.  And then, of course, it rained hard all morning - wet, cold horses but at least they had the grass to distract them.  As promised, the sun finally came out and the temperature shot up to the high 70s.

As a result of so much rain in such a short period, on top of already wet soil, we now have standing water everywhere.  The wonderful lady (a boarder) who supervises all of our pasture matters - rotations, seeding, weeding, etc., is very worried that the pastures are going to get all chopped up since they are so wet.  They probably will, and we'll have to do some reseeding once things dry out a bit.

All the horses came in Sunday with beautiful soft coats - the rainwater really seems to make a difference.  And they were all washed (mostly) clean - and nobody had rolled in the mud!  It's hard to believe, but it was actually too wet to roll!  I don't expect we'll escape today.

We have a Killdeer pair nesting in the field behind the barn - the nest is now circled by little red flags to keep the mowers away.  I'll try for some pictures of the bird on the nest, and perhaps even the eggs.  There are still a lot of spring migrants moving through, including a large flock of White-Crowned Sparrows eating seed off the ground at my house - they're very active, cheerful birds.  On second thought, they may have been White-Throated Sparrows - I'll have to pay better attention when I see them next.

And, last but far from least on the wildlife front, as I was sitting eating lunch I felt a tickling on the back of my neck - you guessed it - the first tick of the season.  These are the normal, large, dark dog ticks, not the tiny deer ticks that carry Lyme disease.  I probably picked it up in the pastures - even though I was wearing tall mud boots and we have no tall grass yet, and even though I'd already had a shower, there it was.  Ick, a tick!  I was hoping the rain would keep them at bay for a while, but no such luck.  We had a huge number of ticks last year on the horses - one day I took 22 off Maisie alone.  It looks like the season is starting early!  Now I'm going to constantly have that awful crawling feeling . . . !


  1. Wow - 22 ticks!! I took 8 or 9 off of one of the horse's the other day and I thought that was pretty bad! The ticks have come out in full force this year though. I HATE ticks.

  2. I hate ticks! Most all of our horses have had Lyme and my daughter as well. The weather here is so changeable too, 90's this whole weekend and in April. Hard to believe. The horses are so sweaty and miserable. Some haven't even shed out fully. Well that's just the way it is I guess and we deal with what we get.

  3. Ticks here in NJ too. One of my students was upset this morning when she found three ticks on her. She had been out in the woods and fields all weekend. Glad she found them. I've already had three on me. Nasty little critters.

    If you are sending that rain...not sure I'm pleased. Then again it was over 105 in the sun on Sunday.

    And the darn sheets on/off is really a puzzle. Since I am at school during the day, whatever I put on the Boys in the morning is what they wear all day. When the weather is like this....who knows what to do?

    Hope you dry out and the fields don't get too messed up.


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