Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun With Mares

Yesterday was a somewhat cloudy, cool day with a bit of wind.  The sky was partly covered by these beautiful clouds:

The dandelion flowers were still closed up from the night:

As I was turning the horses out, I saw evidence that a predator had found a robin's nest and eaten an egg (this was in the middle of the aisle to the pastures with no robin nests nearby):

Lily was waiting to go out - "I'm very sweet, please take me out now!":

Some of our pastures are several hundred yards long - sometimes the mares like to gallop all the way to the back when I let them into the pasture, and then, since that felt so good, gallop all the way to the front again.  They're all Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses or Thoroughbred or QH crosses, so they're a fast bunch.  Here comes the thundering herd:

That's a headless Dawn about to do a spin on the left, Misty (buckskin) next, Lily in the background and Sugar to the right.

Here's Lily rounding the corner by the gate:

Dawn found this all very exciting, and when she's excited she paws and rears, and then rolls:

Then she pulls herself partly up, pauses for a minute and then springs up:

Then things began to quiet down - Lily had to herd Maisie:
Something put Dawn on alert - Maisie was more interested in what I was doing:

Misty has gone back to grazing, Dawn's still on alert, Lily's scratching her head with a back foot (!) and Maisie's getting ready to settle down:

Lily was happy to graze now that the excitement was over:

And Maisie and Sugar settled down for a relaxing grooming session:

I love watching the horses do their horse things every day!


  1. I love to see the herd having fun and just being horses too. It just seems so natural and peaceful. I wish I had more time to just pull up a chair and watch their antics but then no work would get done.

  2. I too enjoy just watching. Some of the things my horses do is just fascinating.

    I do love your pictoral.

  3. You've motivated me to buy some batteries for my camera!!
    Love the pics and your commentary!

  4. Great photos Kate! Nothing like watching horses do what they are supposed to do...be horses! Looks like you live in a very nice neighborhood with all those large homes in the background!

  5. Lovely photos! IO can't believe how much grass you have. Echo's field is pretty much bare - we rarely have any fields that look like that. I think I'd have one very jealous black and white mare if she saw that!


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