Monday, May 18, 2009

Pasture Pleasures

It's a beautiful day - cool and sunny, with a little bit of wind.  It's supposed to warm up later, but I love the cool morning.  The grass is really growing, and the horses are enjoying it.  So is our resident flock of geese - they love to browse the young grass shoots:

Sugar (with Lily and Maisie grooming in the background):

Misty got in a good roll - I only caught the getting up part:

Maisie (bay) and Lily (grey) were having their usual good grooming session:

Maisie and Lily went back to grazing:

Dawn was enjoying the grass, but then I was more interesting - she's the most curious of horses:

The geldings are in one of the far-away pastures.  For some reason, no matter what herd of horses is in this pasture, they always run to the back as soon as I let them go from the gate.  The pasture is long and narrow, and slopes uphill from the gate, so I guess it's an inviting run.  The past several mornings Noble has sprinted at high speed from the gate - I guess he's feeling really good for a horse that just had his 29th birthday.  Here he is impatiently waiting to be released, and then springing into a gallop and rapidly disappearing into the distance:

Now that spring has sprung (apologies to friends in the southern hemisphere who are heading into winter), may we enjoy our lives with as much delight as our horses!


  1. That is one huge pasture and the horses look content.

  2. Yea, that running to the back thing . . . I don't have near the distance . . . our back pasture is an 8 acre rectangle about 680ft long but when released into the field, it's a mad dash to the boundary line! When the herd (doesn't matter which herd - the mama's & baby's, the young fillies, the geldings, heck, even the stallion & his 'escort'), when they know I'm preparing to open the gates, I either have to control them from the word get or GET out of the way!! Because it's a double-wide gate I oftentimes think it's less dangerous to just fling it open and let them go - two or three I can control, but 4 mama's with babies . . not a chance.

  3. I could watch the geese all day, I don't know why I enjoy watching them so much.

    Maisie is so pretty, a bay with four white socks. It is my favorite color pattern - so far I've had three bays that have had four white socks!

  4. Good for Noble!! I love to see old guys having fun. If anyone has earned the good life, it's a grand old horse!

  5. Your pastures are just beautiful. Very lucky horses to get to enjoy all that green grass! They all look like they enjoy their lives. Great shots!

  6. I love this kind of weather too. It's so peaceful to just watch all the horses grazing, grooming and just being horses. Great pictures. So glad Noble is having a good time and feeling better.


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