Monday, June 15, 2009

Dive-Bombed by Barn Swallows

This happens every year. The Barn Swallows that nest in Lily's shed fledge and start flying, and the first place they fly to is the fence lines along the long aisle to the pastures. They sit there in a row, looking at the world, with their non-quite-filled-out bodies and short tails. They can fly, but not that well. Since they are new to the world, they are not in the slightest bit concerned by people or horses, and I can walk right by them without their flying off.

The parent birds, however, do think people are to be avoided, and so every time I walked by the fledglings on the fences this morning, I was dive-bombed by the parent birds, who flew at my head, loudly chirping. They didn't actually make contact (as they will if the barn cats come by), for which I was grateful!

Finally, this evening I got close enough to take a photo of one of the baby barn swallows, greeting the world:

This is one of those things that make me glad I'm here to see and participate in life!


  1. Cute picture. Glad they didn't actually make contact with your head.

  2. The barn swallows at my place are a riot. They are always making "comments" when I come into the barn.

    At one place I boarded years ago, when it was time for the fledglings to fly, an entire flock of adult swallows showed up! What a sight to have them all whirling around the nests until the little guys finally decided to join in.

    Not sure what's going on out there now. I'm not sure if the babies are ready yet.

  3. Oh, how cute! We have a pair of morning doves where I board Panama. I haven't heard their call yet but we had a pair at my last barn, too, and the male very actively wooed his mate. :o)

  4. How beautiful! I love taking the time to watch and drink in the nature around us!

  5. I love sweallows .... apart from the mess they make all over my stuff! You're ahead of us in the UK midlands - our first swallow chicks are away of fledging yet. Only hatched a couple of weeks ago!

  6. The nest in Gabe's shed is housing it's second batch of swallow chicks of the season. The one on one of our light fixtures on the house is on it's third family...this one still eggs, but soon, babies! I love them and I encourage them to hang around and eat all the stupid bugs. They dive bomb the cats, but the cats totally deserve it.

  7. How I love the return of the barn swallows each year! I love their big pokey shoulders and how industrious they are! Once they sat in the rafters and pooped on Lilly! Ooops!

  8. isnt it amazing how we learn these life lessons from g-d's creatures? Thanx for capturing it so well

    blessings & happy trails


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