Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Hot and So Are We

Hot, hot, hot! Temperatures are in the lower 90s today and even warmer tomorrow, and humid - as in tropical. So heat indices are getting up towards 100. Our pastures have no shade, so two of the boarders and I just brought the horses inside, including Lily. They were all sweaty - the old guys and Dawn in particular. The stall fans are on, and the hot sweaty horses have had a nice cold rinse and scrape off. They're all much more comfortable - even Noble, who hates the hose, kept inching closer as I sprayed him and Maisie let me spray her face and tried to drink from the hose.

Tomorrow I'm planning to turn the horses out extra early, and then we'll likely bring in before noon. As usual in Chicago, there was no early summer weather to speak of - we went straight from cold and rainy to hot and humid with nothing in between.


  1. Even here in Colorado, our temperatures just made a sudden jump. We were hovering mainly in the 70s and lower 80s until a couple of days ago. Too bad it had to end -- I was enjoying that weather, despite the daily dose of rain!

  2. People in Grayslake and Chicago have been clamoring for it to be hot. I guess so they can go to the pool and whatever. I hope they are happy now!

  3. Oh man...I can not fathom what you speak...humidity is a rarity here..and it is so smothering when it does appear..I am a slug..I should ask Wa to canter then..she'd do it and no extra jumping around probably!
    Hang in and get to the cool!

  4. Jason calls me a reptile because I am so cold sensitive yet so tolerant of heat. It is hot here too so the horses hang out under the trees, nose to tail, and are pretty content.

  5. That's way too hot to deal with. When we get those temps, we sometimes leave the horses in during the day in front of their fans and hose them off and turn them out at night.

  6. Sounds like New Jersey. I fear hot and humid is following fast upon cold and rainy too.

    Although today we had cloudy and warm, followed by sunny and humid, followed by torrential downpour. Ugh.

  7. i notice i do a deep inhale and my horses know to slow down... i know i'm not breathing when i have the old "vulcan death grip" on the reins... your info 's great

    i'll take it out especially tomorrow when i "cover country" on gazi with friend/trainer patrick... stay tuned :)



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