Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lily Helps and Maisie Grazes

Yesterday during the vet visit, Lily helped us out while she was waiting to be turned back out. The pictures are courtesy of Jmk from Buckskin and Bay. Here Lily is, nuzzling my neck as she gets a better look at what the vet is doing with Maisie.

Now she's trying to knock my hat off - which she succeeded in doing:

And now she's confirming, in proper alpha mare style, that everyone is OK after the visit of the oh so dangerous vet - Maisie also looks happy that the vet is done:

Lily is certainly full of personality!

Yesterday afternoon, Maisie got to graze in the small grass paddock for about 15 minutes - she was delighted and didn't raise her head for a moment. Then this morning, she went out with the mare herd for 15 minutes of grazing. There was much rejoicing and cavorting in the mare herd at her arrival - running, bucking, leaping, rearing, chasing and general excitement for about 10 minutes. Then Lily insisted on some grooming - I was amazed that Maisie would participate since she must have been desperate for grass, but she did - grooming must be very important to her. So by the time all that was done, and she had her 15 minutes of grass, she was out for about 30 minutes. Then I went and got her and brought her back to the dry lot - she didn't even try to move away when I went to get her and resignedly came with me. Every day, we should be able to increase her grazing time a little bit.

To say goodbye for today's post, Lily says "talk to the nose":


  1. You all look like you're having fun. Glad things are going well and she enjoyed her time out with her friends. And grooming too, well every girl needs a good grooming once in a while.

  2. Great that Maisie's getting back on track! At least as it was likely "mechanical" rather than metabolically induced laminitis the grass shouldn't be a major worry.
    Love the pics of Lily "supervising" the vet!

  3. Lily's expression while she is trying to knock your hat off is priceless!!!

    What a silly little stinker. I think it's moments like these that make us cherish our horses so much.

  4. I love your Lily! maybe ALL Lillies are wonderful?

  5. What great photos capturing Lily and Maisie's personalities. I love that Maisie is back with her friends for a little bit of time.

  6. Fun pictures :) Maisie must be so happy to get back out with the herd.


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