Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maisie Update

Just a quick update today - we have my younger daughter's high school graduation this afternoon, so things are a bit busy.

Maisie seems to be doing well. She is much more comfortable, and is walking, and even trotting and cantering, around her dry lot paddock. I also think she's lost a little of the extra weight she was carrying, even without much exercise. She's really missing being out with the herd, and this week has been particularly hard for her as the mares are in a pasture just across two fences from the dry lot, where she can see them easily. She's been doing lots of calling. She seems happier when they're farther away - I guess out of sight out of mind. I have been bringing Lily in the afternoons to keep her company in the dry lot, and also because Lily's turning into a bit of a porker on our rich grass. Each day, as soon as I let Lily loose in the dry lot, she and Maisie immediately start a serious grooming session.

The vet is coming Tuesday and will recheck Maisie to confirm that her laminitis is abating, and I hope also to clear us to begin some riding again, so we can restart our conditioning program. Our ring has been a swamp with all the rain we've gotten, and hopefully it'll dry out some so we can drag it soon (not today - it's raining yet again!). I'm also hoping that Maisie can graze again, just a bit, perhaps with a grazing muzzle - she does miss the grazing so - although with our very lush tall grass the muzzle may not work so well - I may just have to hand-graze her around the barn where the grass is shorter.


  1. Good news, indeed. Here's hoping Ms. Maisie can get back to a normal life soon, even if it does mean a grazing muzzle.

  2. Hooray for Maisie! What good news! I hope she can join her friends soon.

  3. Good for Maisie. Hope she can rejoin her friends soon. Congratulations to your daughter for graduating today too.

  4. Sounds positive! So difficult managing horses on good grass! I've just had to put a grazing muzzle on my youngster!

  5. Sounds like things are coming along nicely for Miss Maisie. When one of our boarder's ponies foundered I remember getting good information from a website, I think this is it: Safer Grass

  6. Ellie - thanks! - I've been looking at the Safer Grass site - it's a very good one with excellent information on laminitis and founder.


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