Monday, June 29, 2009

They Made It!

(For those of you not familiar with the Lily and Norman saga, read my post Forever Horses for the history on this.)

A quick post - Lily and Norman have landed in Tennessee! - my husband just called to say that they had just unloaded and Melissa of Paradigm Farms was leading them up the hill (together!). They got stuck on I-65 for a long time - it was closed due to a serious accident - with rest stops it took them 13 1/2 hours door to door, and of course neither Lily or Norman would drink anything on the way. I hope they're well, but I know Melissa and Jason will take good care of them.

Whew! Now maybe I can relax a little!


  1. Good news, indeed. I am glad they are safe and sound. Hopefully they will settle in quickly.

    Second trip I've heard of recently where the horses won't drink. Interesting. Maybe they know something we don't.

  2. I've had some that drink and some that don't - on a really long multi-day trip (I've trailered to Colorado twice, which is 1,000 miles each way from my place) all the horse end up drinking some. But some horses seem to get the idea more easily - our Dawn, who was a racehorse and who probably knows something about traveling, would always drink a lot - but then she's a big sweater too, so she needed it.

  3. Glad to hear they made it safe and sound. I hope they settle in quickly and are happy in their new home.

  4. Kate;

    All is well in the mid south tonight ! I've been watching both horses pretty closely tonight and all seems well. Lilly passed a good pile of manure an hour ago...looked like Norman had just manured on the trailer a few minutes prior to arrival so I'm not worried about him at all. Both horses are eating nicely and drinking....both excellent signs they are beginning to settle in.

    As Melissa mentioned, Norman couldn't have picked a better time to arrive. Our grass quality is high here in March/April and again from the last of September through Thanksgiving. During the summer our cool season grasses go about half dormant becoming fibrous which means relatively low levels of available energy.

    I enjoyed meeting your husband and your daughter and I got on particularly well with your husband ! Given a different set of circumstances I'm sure we could visit a long while with no pause in the conversation.

    I trust all is well at your house in northern Illinois tonight !

    Be well and we'll talk to you soon.

  5. They have both been great about quietly eating hay, drinking plenty of water and settling in happily. Walking back over to the barn now to tuck in Lily, Norman and the fainting goats.

  6. Hooray for Lily and Norman and their safe arrival. I love the comments from Jason and Melissa - you can tell they are wonderful caregivers!

  7. That is great news!!!!!! I would love a Jason and Melissa in Australia!!!!! Yes Kate, sit back and let the tension go! They have arrived safe and sound and are settling in. Go Lilly and Norman!

  8. Glad they made it there safely!

  9. Can't wait to see pictures of Norman and Lilly on the Pardigm Farms blog! Glad they made it safe and sound.

  10. Glad to hear they made it! How nice that you get updates and so can we through their blog.

  11. Hi Kate!
    Playing blog catch-up - most happy to hear Lily & Norman safe & sound (as well as hubbie & daughter). I hope the former two enjoy their twilight years at Paradigm Farms. Storm, our 6yr old Anglo-Trakehener is headed out on his own road trip next Monday to NY, but instead of a retirement home it's Starry Night Trakeheners Farm #2 and no deserving idle time - the boy has too much yet to accomplish - straight into work and hopefully a sooner-than-later sell . . . more to follow.


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