Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Unexpected Visitor

We don't see deer very often - there are few wooded areas - but this morning, here is what we saw from our breakfast table:

She nibbled on the tree, and then ambled off down the path through the prairie!  She was quite elegant and healthy-looking.


  1. What a nice start of the day!
    How about wildlife when you are out riding? Do you see more then?

  2. HorseOfCourse - we sometimes see deer when we are out riding, but not that often - most of our terrain is open with only a few areas of trees where the deer hang out.

  3. How wonderful!!! Unfortunately, if that happened here it would be shot by an opportunist french person!!!

  4. Neat!!! There are tons of deer and, believe it or not, TURKEYS at our farm! Sydney has turned into quite the lil animal watcher. When she sees deer in the treeline she just freezes and watches them. She gets really upset if they get too close to the pasture fence because of the baby donkey she's pasture mates with. I never get tired of watching the deer. They are so beautiful.

  5. The deer don't come in my yard much anymore since the horses came. The pasture fences, barn, etc. must be too intimidating. However, the wild turkey seems to love my bird feeder.


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