Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vet Visit - Maisie is OK!

Our wonderful regular vet came to see several of the horses this morning.

First off was Joe, for a check on the swelling on his belly. It's still really big and he's somewhat uncomfortable. Fortunately, the vet said it should go away over time on its own and is probably the result of being stung or bitten by something.

Maisie was rechecked to see how her recovery from the bout of laminitis is going. Since she has extremely thin soles, she was still somewhat sensitive to hoof testers, but her digital pulse in both legs was almost undetectable, which is very good news. Since she's been on grass for many years without a previous problem, the vet thinks the laminitis was mechanical - due to the combination of her very thin soles and no shoes during a period when our ground got very dry and hard. Getting the shoes back on really seems to have made the difference.

Since she's doing so well, she can begin to have some grass (and herd social time) - we're going to start with 15 minutes a day a work our way up from there if she does OK. I can also start riding her again, although I'll do that only after we're sure the grass is OK, and then add a bit more grass, then a bit more riding - so if there's a problem we'll have a better idea of what's causing it.

Then Lily and Norman got checked out for their veterinary health certificates - temperatures taken, lungs and hearts listened to, and general condition checked. You may ask - why do Lily and Norman need veterinary health certificates? More on that in another post!


  1. That's great news. I'm so glad Maisie will get some grass and be able to visit with her friends. Hope it all works out and you will be riding her soon and she will be fully recovered.

  2. Good news about Maisie. We have been keeping her in our thoughts - Joe too!

  3. Congratulations with Masie! It is such a relief when you see that things turn out well in potentially dire situations.
    So nice for her too - to be able to socialize with the others and get some grass. Being a horse.

  4. Great that Maisie is getting better! When I read post I thought Lily and Norman were a couple of people! LOL! Great names!

  5. I'm so glad Maisie is OK. That must have been such a huge relief.


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