Monday, July 20, 2009

A Day for Reflection

Today I'm going to type up my notes from the Mark Rashid, and try to digest some of it well enough to attempt some posts. There were 8 horse/rider pairs working through the three days of the clinic, and each pair had different issues to address, and there were insights to be gleaned from each, although there were some common themes. I also need to see whether some of my pictures came out - it was cloudy and beastly cold except for part of the last day and I was shivering for most of the time despite a fleece hoodie, a fleece jacket and an overjacket. I finally gave up and put on gloves - in July! At least it only rained for part of one day (we were outside the whole time).

More to come once I've digested.


  1. Wow... We had record highs here all weekend. I think it was 107 one day. I'm looking forward to hearing how it went.

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  3. Oh, don't know how the last post was deleted?
    Here, too, looking forward to the reports!!

  4. Can't believe it was so cold. It will be interesting to see your reports on the clinic.


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