Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is There a Horse From Your Past That You Wish You Could Have Back?

I had a special horse when I was a teenager. I often think about her, and sometimes wish I could have her back - particularly now as I'm getting older and am finding the hot horses I tend to own more of a challenge. A really nice horse that you can do anything with? Now that would be fun.

I got Snow (I named her and called her Snow's Ghost when we showed in little horse shows) when I was in my early teens, and had her until my family moved when I was a junior in high school and I could no longer keep her. Although I'd been riding for a while, I'd never had a lesson - I just rode whatever horses I could and read everything I could get my hands on about all sorts of riding - Western, English, I didn't care, I read it all. Snow wasn't my first horse, but she's the one I'd most like to have back today if I could.

She was a Quarter Horse, a little on the stocky side with a long back. I believe she was a true cremello - blue eyes, and white every square inch - when I gave her a bath she was a glowing pink all over. I rode her in every way I could think of - mostly bareback, but also Western and English and we even jumped. You could ride her in a halter and she would go perfectly with any bit or with any tack. She clearly had had some Western training - when we went in little horse shows she would clean up in the pleasure classes - she had a fabulous slow jog but could also do a proper trot. We did barrels and pole-bending. I think she may even have had some reining training - I discovered that she could do sliding stops and rollbacks and we had some fun with that. I don't think she'd ever jumped before I got her (neither had I), but she took to it easily.

She had no behavior issues of any kind, although she did have one funny trait - if you took her through a stream (did I mention I could ride her anywhere?) or into a pond, she would start to paw the water and if you didn't keep her moving she would drop and roll!

As far as I'm concerned, she was the perfect horse, and I wish I could have her back. Do you have a horse from your past, particularly one from when you were young, that you wish you could have back?


  1. Do I ever! My Rocky. He was just like your Snow only an big, stocky, Arab gelding, four perfect white socks, roaning, big blaze and flaxen mane and tail. Only looking back do I apprecaite how much he looked after me. I spent many a long hour riding him alone in the bush while I should have been in school:) Rode him through drive-thru's, parades, along the highway, and he never, ever quit. He was the best!

  2. Well my uncontrolable first pony that I rode until i was twenty six - my lovely Anglo Arab i bought as an unbroken three year old and kept until he died when he was twenty three - the list goes on and the feeling of loss but i find them again a little bit in each horse

  3. These are my first two horses. I had to wait a long time to live my dream.

  4. Oh Yes, My Cody man...and it makes me cry too...I tried to buy him with the limited resources I had. I offered $5,000.
    I trained him for a gal that I worked for mucking and exercising all her Arabian horse of the ranch. I wanted to make it permanent. I loved him sooo much. She took us to schooling shows I trail rode and they had a fabulous Mountain top arena in Creswell, Oregon.

    She back yard bred all her horses and he was the special one..not typy..15'2 and built!

    She allowed her sister to come and get him for someone in California..It broke my heart too!I always pray that he went on to do all the dressage bests that she told me he did!

    Thanks for sharing your Snow..she does sound perfectly Lovely!
    I am enjoying the tidbits of Mark Rashid too...will be back for more soon!

  5. I've been lucky to keep most of my horses or have sold them to people that I knew, or people that were willing to keep in touch with me.

    I would love to have my first pony back, although she did retire to our farm - she came back right after I graduated from college. She passed away a few years ago. I got on Daisy bareback after she came back to retire and was walking around on her (she was a stout large pony) and let her go to the pond to take a drink. Before I knew it we were all the way in and she was down and rolling! Daisy was still the boss of our relationship and I loved it!

    She retired sound and happy and had a great retirement living the good life. I didn't ride her any more after that as she made it clear when she saw tack that although she would of course be compliant and a good girl, she wanted to be retired and stay with her pals and graze nonstop.

  6. I meant to add that I wish my retired mare Bridget could still be ridden. She was the best horse EVER to ride and super fancy on top of that. She was the whole package and I know I will never have the funds to replace her but hope to find a diamond in the rough that might make up into another wonder horse like she was/is.

  7. Panama is my first horse, but I am certain that someday I will look back on his memory with the same fondness you have for Snow's.

    Just let that be someday WAAAAAYYYYYY in the future!

  8. I would love to have Rainmaker again. I could do anything with him, take him anywhere, put anyone on him.

    My horse now is similar but quite a bit hotter and has a flair for dramatics every now and then. So not suitable for guests or lessons.

  9. I'd have my Russell R. back in a minute. We had a special bond I cannot even describe. Even if I just had him here to hug every day that would be fine. I had to put him down when he was 23 and I still miss him.

    But I miss my PJ and Si and well, so it would be hard to just pick one guy. My present herd is a special gang too, but I guess the bond with my first horse was still the strongest.

  10. I've just sold Jd and he left Sunday morning. It broke my heart but with no room for two big horses one had to go . The one that I kept won the stay home ticket just because she is better with little kids. Would have done lots to keep JD but he has gone to a fabulous new owner

  11. My old gelding Amigo (your Maisie looks very much like him).
    I bought him when he was 13, and had him until I had to put him down at 20.
    He was my dressage schoolmaster, and he was also a treat to jump as long as he was healthy enough for that.
    He was very dear to me.
    I thought that I would never get a horse as close to my heart as he was, but I have to say that my present horse Fame comes close.
    To me, it is not only what you can do with the horse, but how close they get to you. How they nestle into your heart. The wonderful “feel and think as one” - moments.

  12. I don't know who I would have back Strides or Jacki? Strides I felt like I was home when I was in the saddle though he could scare me. Jacki could throw anything at me and I would just laugh. Most people who I let ride her would hop off pretty quickly saying they didn;t trust her, felt like she was about jump out from under you. I could feel that but she still made me feel safe! I miss them both terribly. Strides I had to put down to old age and Jacki I lost in a freak accident.

  13. I do too- Well first off I succeeded in finding and buying my first horse as a child about 7 years ago. He was everything I rememberd him to be and we had a wonderful 5 years together before he passed on-so sad.
    My first horse owning experience was pretty rough on the other hand and I ended up selling the horse on as I was just starting college and really could not handle him. Now that I am older and a better trainer/rider I would really love a second chance to do right by that horse but I can't find him anywhere.

  14. Beautiful black mare. She gave me so much. She'd even let my dog jump up and ride. I was never afraid, never worried.

    Star. I didn't appreciate her enough.

  15. Oh boy Tink. Bought him for $500 as a claimer off the track. He was awesome. I wish I could go back and be the horse person I am today, with all the things I know. I feel sad knowing I did so many things wrong and yet he was an amazing partner...can you imagine what he would have given me if I would have been good enough for him?


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