Monday, July 6, 2009

Maisie's Fat Leg is Better and Picture Update

Maisie has had a "fat" leg (L hind) the past few days. In the morning, it is more swollen - the first day from hoof to almost hock, the second day from hoof through fetlock and yesterday and this morning just the fetlock joint. She was sound at the walk throughout. My theory is that the scratches she has on both hind heels - not terrible but irritating - due to our heat/rain combo, and my rinsing her when she was sweaty, led to a little inflammation/irritation in the skin generally. Also, since it was worse in the morning, it seems she had been resting the foot overnight and had stocked up.

When I first got Maisie, she incurred a low suspensory injury to her R hind - although this superficially resembled that it wasn't the same. A horse with a suspensory injury is not usually sound, even at the walk, and the swelling doesn't come and go during the day.

I've been slathering on Nolvasan ointment every day from hoof to hock, and the daily turnout helps with the swelling. Yesterday when she came in, her leg looked almost normal - just a little puffiness at the outside of the fetlock joint. So we rode! Just some walk work, focussing on forward first over poles, with softening, particularly working on forward on the turns. I also wanted her to stay straight approaching the poles (my focus was the issue here I think) and to step forward over the pole rather than hesitating or short-striding. She did very well, so we went for a very brief trail walk and then were done. Her leg looked only a little puffy this morning, so we'll keep up the walking, and a little trot work, until she is completely OK.

Melissa of Paradigm Farms has been keeping me updated on Lily and Norman. They're doing well! Here's Lily exploring her pasture - she's now out with a herd:

And here's Norman, resting after a hard day of being a pasture pet!

Note that they both look cleaner than when they lived with me - and look at those neat manes!


  1. They're both cute... Good luck with Maisie.

  2. I hope Maisie's leg is feeling much better soon. Is scratches what we call mud fever, where the leg gets sore from mud and damp? It's funny how these seemingly superficial conditions can cause so much trouble.

    More great pics, both pictures of health :D

  3. Danni - yes, I think scratches is the same as mud fever - weeping sores on backs of pasterns and sometimes lower legs, usually horses with white on legs - I believe a bacterial infection exacerbated by damp and heat.

  4. Dusty has had scratches on her left hind (white sock) for about a week now. I've been treating it, but luckily she has had no adverse effects from it. We had so much rain recently I'm surprised more of the herd didn't have them too. Hope Maisie feels better soon.

    Lily and Norman look very good in their new digs.

  5. Maisie might even have had a bug bite or some little cut you can't find. As long as she is sound, the movement will help the most. You could wrap her legs when she is in. Some moderate compression can help filling.

    Sounds as if you are doing all the right things. Moderate/light exercise is good, and using the medication on suspected scratches should help.

    Lily and Norman look great. I envy the mane jobs. I can never get my horses' manes looking that neat!

  6. Jean - she had a small scratch with some bleeding higher on her leg earlier in the week - although the swelling has been mostly below that, it could be gravity operating. Everything seems to be resolving well.

  7. Danni I've heard a lot of interchangeable terms for scractches, including dew poisoning and mud fever.

    One of our residents has a mild case of scratches right now and a somewhat puffy leg to go with it. I find that if I scrub, allow to dry, then put on ointment and wrap it seems to clear up a lot faster. Since Maisie is stalled part of the time that might negate the benefit I get from wrapping.

  8. Great news about Maisies leg. I think the photos of Norman and Lily are awesome! Looks like they are really enjoying themselves.

  9. Scratches=mud fever. Aha. So I learnt something new today too :)
    Norman and Lilly look great.

  10. Lily and Norman look like they are enjoying their retirement. So nice that you get photo updates!

    Hope Maisies leg is healed up soon! Glad to hear the swelling in going away.


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