Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Fun With Awards

Horseypants and Laura at Little Keebler have both graciously bestowed the Honest Scrap award on my blog - my thanks to both of you!

Due to the Mark Rashid clinic that I attended and have been blogging about (and blogging about, and blogging about . . .) I have been remiss in responding to this award. Sorry folks! After all that heavy-duty posting, here's some stuff that's more easy and fun.

Here are a couple of more things about me you may not know, some about horses and some not:

1. I've been to only one Triple Crown race - but it was the Belmont where Affirmed barely beat Alydar to clinch the Triple Crown in 1978. I was in the grandstand, and vividly remember the stretch drive, with everyone standing up and screaming.

2. When I was pregnant with my older daughter - who is now 20 - my husband and I were on a vacation and stopped in at Claiborne Farms in Kentucky with the express purpose of visiting Secretariat - in fact I believe we made a 100-mile detour to do it. Even though they weren't really doing tours, we were allowed to make our way down to his paddock, and the groom brought him out of the paddock and over to us. I actually got to stand right next to him and pet him on the shoulder - he was as pleasant and gentle as everyone said - that's right, folks, I got to actually touch Secretariat! I figure that's why my daughter is the dedicated horse person she is today!

3. My daughters were home-schooled for the most part - my older one until college (she went at 16) and the younger one until 8th grade. This has its good and bad points, which I could go on and on about.

4. I've always like German Shepherds - I had them as a child. We have a female German Shepherd named Brega - after Brego, Aragorn's horse in the Lord of the Rings movies - Brego means king or ruler in Old English, and Brega is the female form.

5. I hope some day to take a horse-trekking trip across Iceland on Icelandic horses - seeing the Icelandic mare at the Mark Rashid clinic reminded me of this - perhaps my daughters and some friends will come with me!

6. I love doing puzzles of all kinds, including jigsaws (darn those cats that are always carrying off pieces!), sudokus, nurikabes and Set puzzles - also crosswords and acrostics.

7. I like all foods from all cultures - Italian, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, spicy, not spicy, you name it, I'll eat it. The only thing I won't eat is raw seafood, and I'm not fond of oysters, cooked or not. My younger daughter is a vegetarian, and has been for years, and my husband has had some issues with heart disease, so we usually eat a lot of vegetables. I love all vegetables - so far I've liked every one I've ever met - but I do sometimes eat meat as well. I like to cook, as long as I can work with good, fresh ingredients that inspire me.

8. When I was in college, I once rode a horse at the front of a parade. Immediately behind us was a kazoo band. The horse was not pleased, and neither was I. We managed not to kill any spectators and I managed to keep the horse between me and the ground, but the ride left something to be desired.

That's all for now - if you feel like it, put some things about yourself that would be fun for us to know in the comments, or in your own blog post!


  1. I loved learning more about you. We share an interest in riding Icelandic horses on a trek. We are fortunate to have quite a large Icelandic farm here in Vermont and I have to make time to visit.
    Puzzles are fun too!
    Anyway, congratulations on your award and I enjoyed learning more about you.

  2. You certainly picked THE triple crown race to attend - wow!!

  3. I love puzzles too! Never heard of nurikabes, but I looked them up and they seem really interesting. I'll try them out - thanks!

  4. Congratulations on your award!!!
    Wow! You got to meet Secretariat in person!! I am SOOO impressed!!! What a wonderful thing.
    The thing that I would most like to do is ride a mule down into the Grand Canyon and back. Have wanted to do that since I was 16 years old. Don't know if I ever will do it but it's my dream!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  5. Oh, all these are such fun tidbits to know!!( The cooking info- makes me drool!)
    I love that you and your daughter stroked the wonderful Secretariat! WoW~ That parade sounds very stressful..sometimes the planing commitees for order in such events take the day off with brains! You did well though!

    I have these friends..two sisaters actually, that have taken those horsey trips..one is about to go to Ireland to ride. The other went to Spain.
    I want to go to England and Go Jumping cross country on a hunt!
    HOPE you get to do the trip sometime!

  6. Touching Secretariat would have made me shiver. Could you feel his magnificence through your fingers?

    Brego...the horse in the films, was Uraeus, Lockie Richards's retired Grand Prix dressage horse. Lockie was my trainer for years--one of the best I ever rode with. Kind of a six degrees of separation from your dog, eh? *LOL*

  7. You know, now is the time to visit Iceland!
    It is an expensive country, but due to the economic crises that has hit them hard it is less expensive now than earlier.
    I have two friends that went trekking this summer, and it was fabulous according to them both...

  8. I didn't know what Brego meant. Thanks for sharing! I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings, so that's a nice bit of trivia to know. :o)

    I think there's a lot to be said for how things that happen while the mother is pregnant affects the baby. My mom was on bed rest with me, and I was always the quiet bookworm. On the other hand, she skied while pregnant with my sister, and guess who has always been the really active one? :o)

    And oh -- nice to meet a kindred spirit in food preferences. I LOVE ethnic foods, particularly Asian. Also, my husband is primarily vegeterian, and I think of myself as a flexitarian, so although I do still eat meat on occasion, it's not often.

  9. No oysters for Kate! But they are perhaps my favorite food of all time!!! I love their salty squishiness!!
    I would like to do some Icelandic horseback riding too!

  10. For all you LOTR fans - Brego was one of the early rulers of Rohan - that's why Aragorn says the name is kingly when talking to the horse in the scene in the stable that is only in the extended edition.

    Jean - yes, Secretariat was magnificent - truly gorgeous and elegant.
    Regarding Brego - cool to know the connection to you - I'm a big fan of Viggo Mortensen's horsemanship abilities - there's some stuff in the extras on the DVD with Viggo working to train the horse to do the laying down next to him that happens in the movie.

    HorseofCourse - thanks for the tip on Iceland!

  11. Thanks for the additional information about LOTR and Brego!

    Yes, I've seen the video clips of Viggo and Brego -- they are on YouTube as well. I admire his horsemanship abilities too -- and it cracks me up how he always ends up buying a horse once he's worked with it enough to form a relationship. There was a TV interview from right around the time that Hidalgo was coming out, and the interviewers asked if he was going to buy the horse that played Hidalgo, too. He looked a bit embarrassed and said, "I already did." :-D


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