Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Selections

I read a lot of horse blogs. Some I read because I think they often have useful and interesting things to say. Some I read because the bloggers do an amazing job with pictures and words sharing their lives and their connection to their horses. Some are people starting out with horses, and some are coming back to horses after a long time away. I'm interested in what people are doing in many different horse disciplines: eventing, hunter/jumper, dressage, reining, cutting, Western pleasure, retraining race horses - Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds, working with mustangs, breeding horses, endurance, ranch horses, gaited horses and trail riding - if anybody knows a good blog from the driving world, please let me know. I don't always have to agree with everything someone says on their blog to want to read it, but I read blogs where the people's philosophy about how to work with horses is at least mostly consistent with mine, even though we may use somewhat different methods.

Here are a couple of blogs I've been enjoying lately:

Adventures Of a Horse-Crazed Mind has done several interesting posts in July on horse colors, and there's a very interesting older post on horse color genetics here.

Kara at Must Love Mustangs! has been talking about her very thoughtful and interesting work with her two very different mustang horses, Kachina and Griffin.

Check them out and see what you think!


  1. I like my friend Linda over at the (7msn)blog. I don't know if you've ever checked her out but she has a very interesting life with all her critters in N.M.

  2. Grey Horse - that's one of the ones I keep up with!

  3. I really enjoyed taking a look at both of those. The photography on Adventures of a horse crazed mind made me ashamed of the pictures I post on the world wide web via my blog. She has some great pictures!

  4. Melissa - please don't be ashamed of your pictures - they are marvelous, as far as I'm concerned!


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