Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hotter Than Hades

The MidWest is know for its hot and humid summers - but until this weekend we've had the Year With No Summer - temperatures rarely breaking 80F and nighttime temperatures in the 50s, and sometimes even the 40s. The tomatoes, peppers and eggplants haven't been very happy, but it's made for good riding weather - except when it was raining, which was often.

But now, just to make sure that our average temperatures are about normal (just shows you what poor information an average temperature provides), we're having heat-alert temperatures this weekend. Yesterday, we only got into the upper 80s but with the very high humidity, the heat index was in the upper 90s. Today the actual temperature is supposed to hit 95, with a heat index of over 100. Neither the horses nor I are used to these sorts of temperatures, and our pastures have no shade at all, so I brought my horses in early yesterday. Today I went to the barn at 5:00 a.m. and turned out by 5:30 so at least they'll get some grazing and turnout time before they come in early. Then I cleaned my stalls, and was pretty sweaty by that time.

Finally, just to top off, I cleaned out the front tack room in my trailer - it was a mess and full of lots of stuff that just needed to be thrown away or resold - we've had 7 different horses over the past 12 years and used to show extensively and you can't imagine how much stuff accumulates. And, We Never Throw Anything Away - or at least I claim it's my daughters who don't! The hardest part about the trailer cleaning exercise was that at some point over the past couple of years there had been an infestation of mice - how they got in the front tack room through metal doors and walls is beyond me, but believe me, they'd been there in force. Luckily there were no mouse bodies. The reason to clean today is that our parking lot is occupied by two large dumpsters brought in for an unrelated community event - and we can use them while they're there. I expect tomorrow morning I'll do a little more cleaning out - this time of my garage!

I love throwing stuff away - for some reason it feels good - and then there's EBay for the rest of the stuff that's still good but that we don't use anymore - pony saddle pads, a pony bridle and various bits I'll never use - a number of years ago I threw away any bits that I consider to be torture devices - like double twisted-wire snaffles - I won't resell anything like that because it would end up being used by someone else.

It's supposed to cool down somewhat tomorrow, so maybe they'll be some good riding weather soon!


  1. I envy your ambition. When it gets hot like this....more common for New Jersey, I fear...I don't get much done at all.

    My trailer tack area needs a good cleaning too, but I don't have a dumpster. When we were redoing my house the dumpster was a gem. I threw lots of stuff away. Now, as a "collector of things" I could use another one in the back yard for inspiration.

    Enjoy your toss outs. It is a good feeling and kind of addictive. *G*

  2. I just have a stock trailer, so aside from sweeping and hosing it down, not much involved in cleaning it. I don't have a barn either, so my tack is split between my laundry room and Mr. Fry's office (The Kid's old BR). When we built this house, I lobbied for a guest room. Next time, I'm going for a tack room ... in a barn. Funny how one's priorities change.

  3. Yay for dumpsters! I attribute our lack of too much stuff to moving often. Everytime we moved we were forced to purge. Yes, it does feel good! hehe!
    I wonder if there is some way to take those bits apart and resuse them in some sort of craft or art, maybe making scultpures of some kind. I think it's great that you don't try to re-sell something like that to possibly another horse owner, that will use it on their horses, though. :)


  4. Oh, I hear you about the heat and humidity! Here in the Ohio Valley it's become hot, humid and riding for me. The horse flies are in full blood sucking biting force so I am hiding inside in the AC. Gilly and Pokey don't like to come out either, they wait until after dark. Weather here is calling for rain all week...oh, great more humidity!!!
    Good for you, cleaning out your tack room! I don't have much extra tack. I have sold or gotten rid of things I don't need when I get something new.
    Keep cool!

  5. I haven't been doing the horse thing long enough to have excess stuff -- I literally have just what I need. Still, I have that problem elsewhere in my life. :o)

    By the way, Freecycle also makes a great way to get rid of stuff you don't want to bother selling, but still has life left in it.

  6. Oh, I so need to purge. I think I'm going to try to get some of that done next week. You've inspired me!

    Wish we had some of your cooler weather here. Its been absolutely crazy.

  7. We're in the same boat now with the weather being hot and humid all of a sudden. I'm taking advantage of it and giving the horses baths....they've only had one all summer...with the exception of Derby who was bathed for the western paint show she participated in a month ago. I hear you with the pastures and no shade...that's all I'll get done now until fall...musical horses moved in and out of pastures to dry lots/with shade! Whew! Take care! Luanne

  8. Good for you for ditching "torture instruments" and not selling them on! And I bet you feel very virtuous after you clear out!

  9. I hear you on the hot weather although temperature wise you are hotter than we are right now. I'm thinking we are usually hotter in the summers or maybe just comparable. I so hear you on the tack. I don't store much in my trailer since I have my own barn with my own tack room that I don't share with anyone. The sad part is my ten bridle racks and four saddle racks, three trunks and two sets of shelving aren't enough. Jason is always saying that I basically own a tack store!!

  10. Hot and humid really sucks the energy out of you. Hope the heat wave passes quickly so you get get back to some good riding weather. I hear we are in for some high temps this week :-(

    I agree cleaning out always makes me feel good.

  11. It's always hard when the weather goes from none to all...but it always does that and we're never acclimated!

    If it isn't mice, it's pack rats at our place...pesky lil' buggers. They've even been inside the cab of the Dodge!


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