Friday, August 21, 2009

Lateral "Floating" Photos

Please visit this post jill of Buckskin and Bay has just put up showing Mark Rashid doing a demonstration at the clinic we recently attended of some lateral "floating" work. I've mentioned this work and described the basic idea, and the basic pattern, in this post. Even though these are still shots, the feeling of movement and softness does come through to me. There are lots of different combinations of lateral movements that can be incorporated into this, which gives lots of opportunity for creativity and fun with the horse. The horse Mark is riding is a former team roping horse with some significant issues, and a naturally downhill build that makes things more of a challenge, and at this point Mark had been riding him for a couple of months.

Thanks to jill - as usual I was too busy taking notes to take pictures!

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  1. The essence of classical dressage. The only difference is the expectation in dressage that the horse be "on the bit." Proof that "on the bit" as usually presented is not necessary for soft, correct, and virtually instant obedience and suppleness.


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