Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Poem

My husband found this poem yesterday. It's by W.S. Merwin and is in his book The Shadow of Sirius.

A Horse Heaven

The fence is new and the gate in it
of the same thin green wire that is there
just to remind them that they are home
in the long pasture below the woods
the tall gray horses all slender mares
moving lightly as clouds before me
close to me curious none of them
can remember me I tell myself
all of them must have been born since I
was here last and some of the young ones
watch me over their shoulders taking
no chances but some of the elders
move near to me with the same small wave
nudging them on and they look at me
as though maybe they had once known me


  1. Gorgeous imagery. There is a such a sense of tranquility and, as well, otherworld spookiness. The horses's deep psychic connection is wonderfully portrayed. It is as if the past, present, and, with the younger horses,the future are all merged into one as the "sense of recognition" develops.

    The horses will all know us if we have indeed known and loved their kind.

  2. Beautiful! I like to think horses recognize us even if we have only known them briefly-and the connection is very 'otherworldly'.

  3. Great! Reminds me of the feeling you get when you visit old barns that still have old friends/mounts. I always wonder if they remember me, I like to think that they do :)

  4. Kate;

    An excellent read and many kudos to your interesting person if ever I have met one.

    Some additional commentary on the cattle egret sighting you mentioned in response to my last post... Wow ! We see them on occasion here but they never seem to stay. Sixty miles south of here (especially near the Tennessee River in North Alabama) they are thick as thieves and they're everywhere.

    As a consolation, our errant (and seemingly become resident) Canada Geese seem to be quite happy here, enjoying lazing about in the warm summer weather. Maybe like me they have decided to emigrate, shucking off their cold, northern hertiage and are beginning their assimilation process ??

  5. Jason - you can have as many of our Canada Geese as you want - they're a bit of a plague around here - anywhere there's open water with grass down to the water's edge (e.g. corporate office parks) they overwinter.

  6. Beautiful! Canadian Geese can be a pain...they can sure make a mess too!


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