Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aspects of Dawn


  1. I love the butt shots almost as much as the muzzle shots! Horse butts are so cute!

    She's a pretty girl -- and obviously in tune with you enough to take a break from her grass and wonder what you're doing with the clicky box thingy. ;o)

  2. I always like those closeup "nose" shots.

    See horse. Think, "Aw, that would be a cute picture."

    Start to aim camera. Wait for focus.

    Horse sees picture taker, "Hey, whatcha doin'?" Proceeds to march deliberately towards camera lens.

    Focus struggles to adjust to ever closing object.


    Nose shot!

  3. Jean's comment was spot on! I enjoyed the pictures of Dawn.

  4. (hanging my head in shame) I'm a bad blogger buddy. You posted lovely pix of your pony and what am I drooling over? The greenery! All our grass is burnt up!

    I like the butt shot also.

  5. Your pics are so inspirational!! Thank you!

  6. I have an LTJ book on determining aspects of a horse's personality by the way the swirls and hair lay on a horse and the shape of their heads. I've never actually tried it (seems kind of weird to me), but it might be interesting to do with Dawn.

  7. She's a pretty girl, from her hooves, to her nose (and if you have horses, you inevitably have many butt shots!)

  8. SprinklerBandit - thanks for your comment! I've never been a believer in systems that sort horses into "types" by breed, color, head shape and size or hair swirls. I think it's mumbo jumbo and can even be pernicious - it distracts from perceiving each horse as an individual - horses are infinitely variable and so are their personalities - in some senses I think it's a human failing to want to classify - I think it sometimes leads us to overlook the reality of the things we are classifying.


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