Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mares Are From Venus, Continued

Although Dawn has been very cooperative lately, her strong heats are still an issue - she is very easily distracted and sometimes engages in "display" behaviors - squealing, and even striking and kicking out, if there are other horses nearby, in addition to the obvious "I'm available" mare behaviors when in heat. This obviously isn't a good thing, and limits what I feel comfortable doing with her when she is in heat. As those of you who've been following know, I was kicked in the jaw and arm by Dawn back in June when she was in heat and I was careless handling her - she didn't even know I was there, she was so distracted. I'm a lot more careful now, but I'd still like her to not be so affected by her heats.

I've decided to give one of the herbal supplements a try. The one I'll be trying is Mare Magic, which is mainly raspberry leaves. Most horse apparently like eating it, and it doesn't have any side effects or risks that I've been able to find. Many people seem to have found it helpful with their mares' dispositions and behaviors, although in many cases it takes a while to see effects. The magnesium/chromium/selenium/vitamin E supplement Dawn's on for her insulin resistance may also be having some calming effect - magnesium is often a component of calming supplements.

I've ordered it, and will do an introductory loading dose and then continue it for a while to see how she does. Now that we're heading into fall, her heats should be less intense in any event. The real proof will be in the spring.


  1. Good luck with the supplement, I hope it helps her (and you). I've never had a problem with any mare I've had and Dusty is like one of the boys, she doesn't ever exhibit any bad behavior when she's in heat, so I consider myself lucky in that respect. Of course, she's very opinionated every day regardless of her heat cycles.

  2. OH!! I need to read back farther...did not realize the accident you had! So sorry.

    I have always used the "Mare Magic" you speak of, with success. I was given some Raspberry plants that are now growing in my yard. I plan on havesting my own leaves in the spring!

    I am also now trying Gamma Oil. It regulates the entire Endocrine system.Good for ulcers too. It seems to have helped regualte Wa mare.

    This Co. is the best! My sissy has used the "garlic" and "daily calm" for years.

    You should have some good effects soon!

  3. Hmm. There are days I probably should eat raspberry leaves. Hope it works to chill her down!

  4. Good luck with that! Really "mare-y" mares can be a pain. I'm lucky with my girls.

  5. Good luck with the supplement Kate, I hope it calms her down a little.

  6. Breathe there are probably days where I could stand some raspberry leaves as well - Jason would probably be happy to help me ingest them! I hope the Mare Magic has some good results for you and Dawn.

  7. Wow, kicked in the jaw? Ouch.
    Dawn's insulin resistant? My horse is too. We have a great feed for her, Safe Choice by Purina (I think it's Purina) and it works amazingly. Just a tip if you didn't already know. =]

    Good luck with the Mare Magic. If it works in calming Dawn down, maybe I'll give it a try with my mare.


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