Friday, September 4, 2009

Mares in the Fog

This morning when I walked to the barn it was very foggy - I love fog - it gives an air of mystery to everything:

The sun as it rose was barely visible:

I did what I had planned when I turned out Dawn - I took a pocketful of treats, and we stopped from time to time to feed her one. She was very attentive, even backing up nicely when I barely raised a hand to ask her. But it was an excitable mare day - Sugar had run from the gate and Dawn was clearly intending to as well. I fed her several treats before releasing her but she was off like a shot and didn't wait for more. Then the mares decided to go for a run:

Here's Dawn in the lead (red bay with fly mask) with Sugar (dark bay) behind her and Maisie (fly mask and four white legs) and Misty (buckskin) trailing:

Dawn is extremely fast - she was a racehorse - but Maisie likes to go too - here Maisie and Dawn are racing, leaving Sugar behind (she's putting on the gas to try and keep up - notice the tail!), and Misty's out of the frame - she's the oldest mare and has some arthritis and can't quite keep up:

Another lap of the pasture:

Rounding the corner - Dawn (on the far left) is very handy - and it looks as though Maisie's finishing up a little cavort:

A pause on high alert to look around - except for Sugar on the far right, who's taking her energy straight up!

Dawn thought she'd herd Maisie to keep her in line:

Everything settled down for a bit, and I went in the pasture to lure Dawn over with some treats. Misty looks interested, too:

As I was turning the geldings out, the mares were down by the far fenceline near the pond grazing, when something startled them - I think sounds carry differently in the fog and they may have been more nervous than usual because of the reduced visibility. Dawn and Maisie started out last:

But were catching up:

It was time to settle down, and Dawn was scratching an itch - I like this picture of Maisie a lot:

Maisie got them going again briefly:

And then it was time to get down to the business of the day - grazing!


  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I too love misty mornings with the horses. I am looking forward to the cool weather in general that always brings out the playfulness in everyone!

  2. Oh, what wonderful pics! I always forget my camera when I turn the beasts out in the morning and they cavort and fart around like crazy animals.

    We had a lot of fog too...I love the fog this time of year, when there's a bit of a nip in the air and it's starting to smell a tad like fall.

  3. Those are great pictures! I never seem to have the camera on me at playtime, so I'm living vicariously off of your pictures. :o)

  4. Beautiful pictures, Kate!
    I am catching up on posts.
    Re. Dawn. I find that I get more contact with my horses when leading instead of riding. Why don't you take her on some small walkabouts? With something in the pocket as a secret weapon?

  5. Wow what amazing shots .....I woke early this morning too. I went out to my horses to a beautiful clear morning....the mountain covered in snow and simply a gorgeous nz spring morning.Keep up the bonding sessions with your daughters horse. You are going great!!!

  6. Interesting how the fog changes everything, including your training plans! *S* From the looks of the pictures, there is no way you ever could have held Dawn's attention this morning. You were wise to just surrender to nature's call and let her go.

    What a pretty little herd of ladies! I love watching horses cavort and frolic. (If there is any difference between the two!)

  7. I love misty mornings as well. I really enjoyed the pictures of the mares racing around. I see so much play time but I usually don't have my camera with me. The horses actually do things other than graze but from my pictures you wouldn't think so!

  8. Good pictures and captions. My heart drops anytime my horses gallop in the pasture, because we have moles and I worry they might step on a tunnel, sink down, and break a leg. I wish they'd just roll and eat.

  9. those ar great pics! Thanks for sharing

  10. They remind me of a high school track team messing around during practice! Great pictures...

  11. Great pictures - our mares disapeared into the gloom the other day in Cornwall


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