Friday, September 25, 2009

Scout Update and Rain Today

Scout finally seems to be feeling a bit better. When I came to the barn this morning to feed, he was way back in the corner of his stall - a little unusual for him. I went to look, and his left front leg was somewhat swollen all the way from the pastern to above the knee. Now that was worrisome - I called his owner, who was coming anyway in a bit for the farrier. He did eat his breakfast, and I took his temperature - normal, 99.8 degrees. So that was good. She took him out for a little walk, he wasn't walking too badly and the more he walked the better his leg looked. While the farrier was working on him - on another foot - the abscess apparently burst, which is good news. He's still sore but we think he'll be feeling better soon.

It's about to rain, so I don't think Dawn and Maisie and I will get much done today except for some grooming - oh, for an indoor arena! But my Ground Driving 101 DVD by Mark Rashid arrived in the mail, so I'm looking forward to watching that!


  1. Yay! An abscess. I didn't realize how common it was for horse's legs to swell up from abscesses until it happened to one of my guys. When I called the vet he reassured me, so now I am less likely to panic. (To me "lame" is always a little panic...but I've learned to be patient.)

  2. Well you must have gotten the rain that passed by us today! LOL! Our rainy season is finally coming to end. It's weird because sometimes the ground actually gets white mold on it from so much moisture! Yuck! We're nursing abscesses here also .... must be going around. Hava great weekend!

  3. It rained constantly the first three days of the week, and then again overnight, so that the pasture was nice and muddy for my riding lesson -- so I hear you about longing for an indoor arena! Be sure to stop by a little later to read about my -- ahem -- eventful lesson.


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