Saturday, September 19, 2009

September Sunrise and Saturday Selections

Here's a beautiful September sunrise I saw a few days ago on my way to the barn:

And here are a couple more Saturday Selections - where I try to mention blogs you may not have heard of but might find interesting and fun:

First, Helen at New Beginnings seems like the sort of person who would light up your life with her energy and kindness, if you knew her in real life. She started keeping her blog to chronicle her journey after her loss of her partner of many years. She's been rebuilding her life in new and exciting ways, together with her Dales ponies.

I really admire Larri at Dancing with Bailarina for her slow, careful, patient work with a young Lusitano mare. It's really interesting and inspiring to hear about their progress together.

Give them both a visit if you have a chance - I think you'll enjoy it!


  1. Beautiful sky. And thanks for suggesting a few more blogs to check out.

  2. I visit Helen regularly. Guess I will have to go "see" Larri too.

    Beautiful sky. Wish I could paint something like that. I would feel so creative if I could.

  3. That sunrise is worth getting up early for. Very pretty.


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