Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Simon, the Good Karma Kitty

On Thursday, last week, my husband was out for a walk. He heard meowing from the tall prairie along the trail - he called "kitty, kitty" - my husband is a sucker for cats - and lo and behold, out of the prairie came a black and white cat. The cat was desperate for attention, and followed my husband for several hundred feet along the trail, allowing himself to be petted along the way. My husband called me, I brought the cat carrier, and he permitted himself to be put in the carrier without a struggle.

We brought him home - he was dehydrated - he drank and drank - and extremely hungry and thin. Almost 50 homes in our development are empty and for sale - we think someone may have moved away and left him behind. We called him Simon - the name just came. Here he is, with his sweet face:

As some of you may know, I have a special love for black and white cats - we've had several very special ones - Sheba, Tom, Double, and Monroe come to mind. Tom and Monroe came to us as strays, and both of them were toms and very much in our minds as we looked at Simon. We haven't had a black and white for 8 years, and that was too long.

He went to the vet for shots, since we didn't have his history. He weighed less that 9 pounds, when a cat his size should weigh about 12 - his head, tail and feet were big and the rest was emaciated. The vet guessed that he was about 1 to 2 years old. He'd never been fixed. The first couple of days he was with us, all he did was eat and sleep when he wasn't asking to be held and purring.

Monday he was fixed, and he's recovered well. We even had him microchipped, which I've never done with my cats before but we don't want to lose him. His outside days are over, but he'll be well cared for for the rest of his life.

He's a very special cat - there's something about him - he looks you directly in the eyes and is very loving and gentle - not the slightest sign of biting, scratching or even ill humor:

I think of him as the Good Karma Kitty - when I lie down he's right there, on my chest or snuggled next to my pillow, and somehow when I pet him I feel calm and happy and I'll bet my heart rate is lower - there's something magical there:

Sweet Simon has a home for life.


  1. Awww Kate- Sweet Simon is much too cute! Please give him a rub from me too!

  2. Oh Kate he's adorable! I especially love that last picture, of him laying on the bed. You can totally see his affectionate personality in that picture. :o)

    I had both my cats microchipped about 8 years ago, when I almost lost one. I didn't get him back for 10 days, and it scared me so much I got both cats chipped. Getting the dogs done is on my to-do list as well.

  3. He is really cute! His expressions and the way he looks at you remind me of our barn cat Cloudy. I've never had a cat that wasn't a stray, somehow they just find me! Or in Cloudy's case I stole him because he was in a really awful home.

  4. What a sweetheart. Those kitties are rare, ours is black and white, but I get the idea we are but bit players in her production.

    Give Simon an extra rub from us...

  5. Aw - he is a cutie! I'm a sucker for cats too!

    Sounds like Simon is lucky he found you guys.

  6. awwww that is so great! What a lucky guy! The barn I board out just rescued a neglected Donkey and we named her Karma! Your title made me think of her and her sweet sweet face.

  7. He's a lovely cat and a lucky one too, he obviously sensed when the right person came by and got himself noticed. He looks very contented in the last photo:)

  8. What a cutie! I've always felt that some critters are just meant to be ours. Sounds as if Simon has found his people :)


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