Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Windy; Chilly: Mostly Calm

We've still got the wind - a little reduced from yesterday but strong and gusty - and it's even chillier - high 40s last night. Scout's leg was less swollen this morning, and Noble was feeling good - his manure if anything was a little bit loose - he may have just been reacting to the weather change. He'll be getting probiotics for a few days to help him out. After all the running and cavorting yesterday, everyone was in good shape, although Maisie had some puffiness in her right hind above the fetlock joint. I brought my camera today, but the horses were much calmer after turnout - a little cantering from Fred and Fritz as they chased off some Canada geese at the far end of the pasture, and some trotting from Dawn as she left the gate, but that was about all. So I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.

Fritz in profile:

Fred, who I believe is 23, has gained a lot of weight over the summer and is looking good - I love his four white socks:

Scout, who is 6 and the "baby" at our barn, is a big horse, all over, and his head is massive:

He also has lovely hindquarters, and a beautiful, flowing tail:

Joe is 27, I believe, and is an exceptionally sweet, kind horse. He also seems very wise to me:

He has two symmetrical hind white socks:

Noble in perspective - his body condition is looking pretty good going into winter for a horse that is 29:

As he gets older, he has more and more white in his coat, particularly on his face:

Dawn was very busy eating as much as she could:

But I lured her over with a treat and got a nose shot:

A typical Dawn expression - somewhat wary and very alert:

Sugar said that if there were treats to be had, she wanted one too:

Her star is very pretty - almost a heart:

Misty wanted in on the action:

Maisie says clover is very tasty:

Enjoy your day - if you're lucky, it'll include horses!


  1. Nice pictures. They all look happy. Pretty horses; sweet senior citizens in the herd.

  2. Sugar is lovely - she looks like my old mare Silky, if Silky had a star. Glad to hear everybody's ok after yesterday's antics!

  3. All of your horses look great, even (especially!) the older ones.

    I love the photo of Misty looking at the camera!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. I love the picture of Fred. He sure is a handsome fellow. His white socks make him look very flashy.

    I hope Grif makes it to 29 and that he looks as good as Noble does!

    Even before Griffin aged into the older man that he is, I have always had a soft spot for senior horses. They DO seem so wise and many have such a sainted personality that you can't help but fall in love with.

    It's very comforting to me to know that there are a other people out there that adore their senior horses as much as I adore mine. I get sick of people implying that I should look for a "younger" horse. I can only afford one...and I love the one I have, regardless of the amount of time we spend riding, if at all.

  5. What a nice bunch! The older boys are so cute. We have a grade morgan gelding who's 36 and still trooping along. He's taught so many kids to ride, myself included.

  6. Sweet shots of the equine Loves Kate!!!
    Glad all the news is good today for health.

  7. Great pics, I love Noble, he has an old grey face just like my old dude. Cute. :)

    I miss all that green! I'm from OH... while I love it in AZ, horses sure would be a hell of a lot cheaper back home where there's grass!

  8. Lovely 'pics, thanks for sharing Kate.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Kate - your horses looks lovely!
    I know I have said it before, but I have a soft spot for Maisie...give her a carrot from me, please!

  10. Your barn is full of cute horses. I was trying to pick a favorite picture but I liked them all!

  11. Gorgeous, every one. My day did have horses in it, and it made me happy. (Even if I was hunting for a lost shoe again.)

    “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Winston Churchill

  12. How nice to "meet" all the horses! I like Dawn's expression, actually -- she looks a bit wary, yes, but to me she also looks like she's thinking it all over. You can practically see the wheels turning inside that head of hers!

  13. Gorgeous bunch! Sadly I won't be spending time with horses for another few weeks, but your photos were the next best thing. Thank you :)

  14. Great pics! Have to admit to lusting after Scamp! I love duns!

  15. Oh, these are GREAT! Thanks for the intros, they are all so interesting I can't begin to pick a favorite. Carrots for everybody! :)


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