Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to Work, Washed Out and Blogged Out

Enough whining in my last post to last for a while! Back to work, and living with and dealing with what is presented, instead of worrying about what isn't or might be.

We've got lots of rain today, with temperatures falling through the 50s into the 40s today. It's supposed to be back up into the 50s again tomorrow but with even more rain. The mares made a pasture move today, which involved switching some hoses around, but that wasn't too bad other than muddy hands. I've asked for volunteers to empty and shift a water tank into the pasture the geldings will go to on Saturday and we'll see if they get the job done by then. We've only got about another week in pastures, and then we'll be back in dry lots until sometime in April next year. There's a little bit of grass left in there, so we'll hold off on bringing in round bales until the horses show interest in hay I'll "seed" into the round bale holders. This year, based on the numbers of horses in each herd, we should be able to do with one round bale holder for each dry lot - little Blackjack will go into a small paddock with shed for the winter, as he never gets to the round bale when he's out with the others, and Scout plays too rough - one time last winter he grabbed Blackjack's blanket and actually pulled him over - poor old guy went into the paddock after that. We've had problems with only one round bale holder when we had more mares, but with only 4 mares even Maisie and Misty should get to eat.

With all the rain, there'll be no working with either horse today, and so it's a visit-the-barn-and-pick-feet sort of day. I'm expecting the same tomorrow.

On an unrelated note, what does your partner/significant other think about your blogging? Is it admired, appreciated or are there other emotions involved? (My husband sometimes says he feels "blogged out" - as in shut out - when I'm concentrating I can't hear a word he says, or even that he said anything - of course this applies to other things such as reading as well.) Have you had to set limits on your blogging, or on your reading and commenting on others' blogs, in order to not spend too much time blogging, or so as not to irritate your companions?


  1. My husband and I don't have internet at home, so all my blogging is done either at school or during slow times at work. Because it gives me an outlet to talk about horses, I think my husband really appreciates it, as he doesn't particularly care about the finer points of horsemanship. ;-)

  2. My husband has the same complaint about me shutting him out when I'm blogging! Of course, since I'm a freelance writer my work is the same way -- in fact, he often asks me, "Are you working or blogging?" He won't bug me when I'm working, but if I'm blogging he considers it fair game. :o)

  3. It takes me some time to do each post as I upload several pictures. That is the reason I don't update my blog every day, I just don't have time for it each day. Jason used to feel like your husband does sometimes, as he felt a bit ignored in the evenings when I would update my blog. Now he's written a few of the posts himself and feels more involved with the blog. He's also gotten to where he likes reading (and even commenting) on some of the blogs I follow such as yours. Your blog is one of my favorites and I love the fact that you update almost every day. I genuinely look forward to each and every post.

    I do know that I am missing out on some great bloggers out there but I don't have time to get addicted to too many blogs, so I guess I do kind of limit my reading/commenting.

    As far as feeling like you were whining or venting, you can't hold a candle to me Kate. In fact I didn't think you were doing either, more just presenting the situation as it is and your various thoughts on your options. You do read my blog after all and have heard me complain a LOT!!

  4. funny, tonight when I was blogging (I have two, one about my OTTB and one for my design/work that I do), he said to me, "WHO are you blogging for?!?!"
    I answered ME!!! It's like a "dear diary" but better and you can learn and chat with others going thru some of the same things as you. Now in terms of time limits, my blogging only takes me on average about 10-20 minutes. Keep up the good work and passion!

  5. I've cut back on the amount of time I spend blogging. It's all about balance. I have the Kanjii symbols for balance tattooed on my ankles, so it stands to reason I'd take it to heart. It's so easy go overboard

  6. Mine hardly notices~he's so busy online himself! Although last night, he did comment, "WHEN are you going to come out here and talk to ME?" Poor baby.

  7. Hope you had a good day spending time with your mares!

    My husband is a nerd who's often online, so he doesn't mind what I'm doing over here. He doesn't really understand why I want to blog, but he doesn't mind it. I think he reads my blog once a month or so, just to see what all that typing produces.

    We're only human. Sometimes he gets a little jealous of my friends I've met through blogging, but sometimes I get a little jealous of his MMORPGs. We work it out though!

  8. My husband is grateful he doesn't have to listen to 2 hours of my horse geekness everyday because I save it for the blog. I usually blog when everyone's asleep around here because I'm a night owl ('course I should be writing my novel. sigh).

  9. My other half used to get a little annoyed. But I try not to be on the computer when he is around. He is in bed at 7:00 p.m., so that is when I usually start visiting blogs, that way he won't even notice! Even when I read a book, he says I am ignoring him! He is not computer literate at all. He barely knows how to turn it on!
    He now likes to see what I post and will ask me if I did a new post. I have to read it to him. I think he likes it but would never admit he does! LOL!
    Since I am back at work, I have had to cut down on posting and visiting. I feel so bad. But I am so exhausted when I get home, I don't feel like doing much. I am so behind on house cleaning, it's not even funny! Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get into a groove and figure out how everything is going to fit in. It was so nice not working for 4 months, I had time for everything, almost everything!

  10. Good thought Kate! I think mine thinks I'm a little bonkers to put so much effort into it but on the other hand I'm not a party, out all hours gal so he puts up with it!

  11. It's your blog - write about whatever you want! I think those of us that board or have some sort of arrangement where horses are somewhere other than home often have a lot of issues that we wish we could change - I know I do and I like my barn for the most part!

    As for blogging - my hubby knows about it, but I think he forgets... Sometimes he asks me who I'm writing to when I'm leaving comments. He has a small home based business that he works on part-time, so he is busy checking emails most evenings while I'm on the computer.

    I think he also appreciates that I have other horse people to talk about things with, so I don't bore him!

  12. My husband doesn't really mind my blogging. He is on the computer more than I am for work and getting caught up with the news. I would say he's interested in what I do and occasionally reads a post or two. I wish I had more time to write posts but I have so many other obligations, there's no way I could do one everyday. I do like to visit other blogs as much as I can, I'd rather read what others have to say, I find them more interesting than what I post.

  13. Good questions Kate. It is all about the balance... I find it easy for me to get wrapped up and go overboard with the things I am involved in; blogging, riding, reading and sewing. For me some are easy to moderate and others are not. For example, since I travel for work so much I save the majority of my reading for that time, blogging I have come to realize that a couple posts a week are just fine, and I try my best to stay caught up on the others. As for riding... well as we all know that one can be a bit harder depending on what is going on with the horses. Sometimes they need a lot more work than ot other times, I do know my hubby is very glad for me to have an outlet to chat about all my horse stuff and ideas and thoughts. I used to make him crazy with it all! Now I have learned that it is ok to take a step back and enjoy my hubby time.


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