Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dawn's Fall Frolic

Last night, we had our first frost. The sun was out this morning and there was a bit of wind. All the horses were pretty excited - the weather alone would have been enough, but my daughter's mare Miranda was visiting again overnight, so that added to the excitement. I managed to get a few pictures of Dawn in action - the quality of the photos isn't great - the angle of the light was very low and I got some lens flare in some of the pictures, and a couple are enlarged far enough that they're grainy - but I enjoyed how they came out nonetheless. They really capture Dawn's personality and athleticism!

I think I may have just caught the moment when Dawn did a flying change from her right lead to her left lead - the right hind is planted and the left hind is just leaving the ground to join the right front:

She's coming along the fence by the geldings - that's Fred cantering in the background - I love the arch in her neck:

Stopping in the corner to turn - that's Sugar in the foreground:

Pausing for a moment, on alert:

Getting going again:

And although I didn't get a picture of The Rear, I finally got a picture of The Buck - she's at a full gallop with only her right front touching the ground, and that's her left hind, bottom up, sticking up to the right, with her right hind below it just above the fenceline - her tail's flying up and the force of the buck has sent her rainsheet flying - how she manages to do this and keep running at a full gallop is truly amazing:

Here's the former racehorse showing good form - there's some sort of gait transition going on here but I'm not sure what:

A spin by the fence - that's Sugar in front:

A brief breather, with Maisie in the background:

Sugar needed to be herded:

Almost at rest:

Enjoy your day tomorrow, and may it include horses!


  1. I love it when they play! Great photos

  2. I was watching some spectacular bucks from the big boys this morning. Bonnie has the biggest buck I've ever seen on a horse, she gets her back legs several feet above the rest of her body, and none of her legs are actually touching the ground. Can't imagine trying to ride through it!

  3. She certainly is athletic! Looks like she was having a very good time for herself too. Love it when horses romp and play.

  4. Great shots! Thanks for sharing. I missed the horses here running around like crazy with the weather changing.

  5. I also love to see them enjoying themselves on a crisp morning. We're still a ways from that, although they were running this morning, enjoying our slightly cooler temps. Nice shots.

  6. Kate, great pictures! What fun to watch when they feel so go, kicking up their heels. I love to see my boys running, bucking and playing in the field.

  7. Oh, I loved this romping in the cool air! The breath/steam was neat coming from the racehorse Dawn!

    Ours too,have been very enregetic and rivied, of late with our icy overnights! a special somthing for you, over at my place...give me a few minutes to post it-(it'll be before the Sunday Stills)

  8. wow what a buck you were glad you weren't on!!!. the frost looks like a goodie. I hope you are still getting plenty of riding in with the approaching winter

  9. Great pics Kate, thank you. I like the look of Dawn, a great character!


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