Thursday, October 15, 2009


We've had a couple of dark, gloomy days. The days are getting shorter, and when it's cloudy and dark, it's a sign that winter is on the way. Windy and chilly yesterday, and cold rain today. I'm a big fan of fall, but that's because of the bright, sunny, cool days. There are also some aggravations right now at the barn, relating to interpersonal issues - our barn isn't really owned by anyone - there's an association with a board of directors that runs it and sometimes we don't see eye to eye, although I think everyone is basically well-intentioned. One of the biggest issues we have (and have always had), is that since we've got a big property, high labor expenses due to our pasture layout and high-maintenace barn building and fencing, we've always got way too much work to do and not enough money to pay for it. So some people - not everybody - end up doing far more than their share of the volunteer jobs, from fence-mending on. Sometimes this can be disheartening and lead to conflicts, particularly since we who do more volunteer work than others are paying the same board as everyone else - the finances don't work at all otherwise. This, I suppose, is the same problem any collective enterprise has, but here in the dark days of fall, it is discouraging. I expect it will come right again just as it always has, but I really dislike it when issues between people contaminate my enjoyment of the barn and the horses.

This morning there is a cold steady rain with wind chills expected to be in the low 30s all day. Some of the horses have polarfleece or wool coolers that I can put on under their rainsheets, and today they're going to need them.

And this morning I go off to confront the dental work I need as a result of the embarrassing episode where Dawn kicked me in the jaw back in June - here's the post about that. My jaw is finally not too sore to have the dentist handle it. Although I got off pretty lightly, my TMJs are messed up and the force of the blow which snapped my jaw shut pulverized the biting surface of several teeth and broke bits off others. I'm dreading to find out how much dental repair work I'm going to need. I'm a big coward about the dentist!


  1. Yes that's the other side of sharing a yard. Having my horses at home now, I miss the companionship of a yard, but I certainly don't miss the disagreements!! Good luck at the dentist.

  2. Aw, I hear you Kate... I have to go to the dentist today too and I am a total baby about it! Sorry to hear you are still having complications from Dawn's kick, I remember how painful that looked. I've been at places where human conflicts make the horse time less enjoyable and it is really disheartening, like you said. I hope everything works itself out, but I like your attitude of waiting for it to pass. Hope everything goes ok today.

  3. I hate the dentist, too. I'd rather mend fence in the rain and gloom than go to the dentist any day! Good Luck!

    An old trainer of mine ran her barn as a co-op. It ran smoothly most of the time, but there were always a few snags. Like you said though, it's the nature of the beast and things had a way of smoothing themselves out. Hang in there!

  4. Kate, I hope everything comes out right for you at the barn. I know how frustrating it is when everyone is not doing their share, but I think you also have a really ideal setup, because of how close your barn is to your house. I know you do a lot of work there, but think of it this way -- it also means you have a lot of control over your horses' care.

    My mother-in-law used to board at a similar place -- it was completely self care, even down to the maintenance. She and the other boarders sometimes had conflicts just like you're experiencing -- she was out there at least twice a day, every day, and the other boarders inevitably relied on her to take care of their horses -- but it usually resolved itself, just like you said it does at your place.

  5. I feel you on the dentist. I won't go unless my teeth hurt; the whole experience is that horrible to me.

    Hopefully you'll get off lightly at the dentist, and tomorrow will be sunny, cool, and windy!

  6. So sorry about the troubles at your barn. It makes me so very glad that I have Gilly and Pokey here on the farm. The company of other would be nice but..... All I have to do is walk through the yard to take care of my boys and I'm very grateful to have that.
    Oh, dear, the dentist hope everything goes well with that. I too do not like to go, even to just have my teeth cleaned. Makes me very nervous! I have been lucky over the years to only have some fillings, one root canal (that wasn't as bad as I had heard they are) and two crowns and haven't had a cavity in more than 10 years!!! Good luck!

  7. That's horrible about the politics of a barn. We just formed an association for the indoor arena next door--hope it goes better for us. There is one family, though, who seems to do the most work. They want the footing a certain way so wanted to do it themselves. I feel like a loafer.

    Good luck at the dentist.


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