Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kestrel and Noble is Tired

This morning, as I was leading horses out into the chilly rain, Fred and Fritz and I saw a beautiful American Kestrel - a very striking small falcon - it sat for a moment on the fence in front of us and then was on its way.

My visit to the dentist wasn't too bad - I have four teeth with varying degrees of damage to the enamel from the impact of Dawn's hoof on the bottom of my jaw, but only one has an area that is sensitive enough to warrant a follow-up visit with a specialized endodontic dentist to assess the "vitality" of the tooth - e.g., is the nerve still OK. Otherwise, I'm just supposed to use a floride rinse on a daily basis to protect the exposed dentin and prevent decay. Not too bad for being kicked by a horse!

More rain expected tomorrow - it's been light but pretty steady on and off all day. No riding or working with horses for me - that's the big disadvantage of having no indoor. Noble was very tired this evening - he ate his dinner, but was standing with his eyes closed afterwards. I think he found the cold rain very tiring, even though he was sheeted and had his fleece underneath. I gave him a good rub and massage with my hands - he particularly wanted his neck, poll and chest rubbed - I think his arthritis may be acting up with the chilly weather. He is very old - 29 - and although he's doing very well, cold, damp weather is hard on him.


  1. So glad your dentist visit went well! Hope all gets sorted at your barn. We had stress last fall at our barn with boarders and I can honestly say it was one of the hardest things I ever went through. Horses and barns are to be a sanctuary - not cause stress!
    This rain has us all feeling sore here! It is so damp and cold so quickly. Noble is lucky to have you as his massage therapist.

  2. The damp and cold are doing a number on me, that's for sure. It's supposed to be miserable for days here.

    Hope things settle down at the barn. It should be a pleasant place to be--a refuge from the rest of the world, not a hotbed of controversy.

    As for the teeth...rather interesting, but I am so glad your dentist is not being overly dramatic about it all. Hope they feel better.

  3. I am glad your dental appt. turned out better than expected, I am sure that was a pleasant surprise.

    Barn drama is the pits. I hope it all settles quickly. I don't know what it is about boarding barns and drama but none seem to be exempt although some seem to be able to keep it to a very minimum.

  4. I don't do well with the damp and cold either! And here I have a job where I will be dealing with both all winter! Yikes! That is the only downfall of my new job!
    Goodness, kicked by a horse? That is another thing I worry about with my new job. I am being very careful, you just never know. Glad your dentist appt. went well!!

  5. Ouch ....hope the teeth are feeling better. Have had the same thing happen. Is very scary spitting out lumps of tooth. Having a good dentist is have the battle in fixing it though. Lucky Noble having his own massage therapist. Cold damp weather makes it hard doesn't it!

  6. That's great news from the dentist.

    Poco is only about 12, but his joints snap, crackle and pop like mine do. I'm glad to live where the winters are mild.

  7. Catching up on posts again, Kate.
    Loved the one about herd members!
    Nice to hear that your teeth weren't too bad.

    When it comes to cold weather (as we have some months of here, lol) I am a large fan of wool, both for the twolegged beings and the four- legged ones.
    Marvellous material, nothing else comes close.

  8. Glad you dentist visit went well.
    It's cold and damp here too and that means no riding....too much mud and no indoor or even a covered arena. I can do some work with Gil in the barn though. He is bad about putting his head up and not taking the bit so we can work on that in the barn. I will have to think up lots of little things for us to do.
    Poor Noble, cold rainy weather, hard on horses and man or woman alike!

  9. I went back and read about the really are lucky it wasn't worse! I was kicked by a mare when showing a friend how to help her with back leg stretches and I was actually being very careful. You're right in that it happens before you have a chance to react. Carmon

  10. Glad your dentist visit went okay. Poor Noble, he must be achy from the weather. I guess we can all relate to that as we get older. I'm sure he appreciates the blankets and warm barn and the massage.

  11. Ooou, what a cool Falcon to spot!

    That is very good news indeed about your kick outcome! Whew huh!
    I count all the times I narrowly has escape from hazzard and am soo thankful. I can work all day now standing, after my heel crunching fall. I take some joint supps niw, and that has helped tons.
    Your stiffy horse is fortuante to have you monitoring him and also giving him releif!

    Ours are "Creaking"...we noticed it after the cold snap and then some rain... my PBO wondered if she shoud be worried and we hand walked all to find. NO one off-just-loudly- Creaking- in the joints!


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