Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Late Fall Day

This morning it was spitting a cold rain mixed with sleet. Many of the trees have lost their leaves due to the rain and wind, but there are still some holding on, with bright yellow and reds and muted browns - the colors look particularly beautiful in the low light against the low, grey rain clouds. I mostly don't mind any of the weather we get, as I make sure to dress for it, so I'm rarely cold or wet. There are some tasks in the winter that are particularly demanding - as when gates ice shut or there is more than a foot of snow to shift in order to get a gate open. But mostly any weather is OK with me.

I've managed to pare down some of my work at the barn. Since owners have to bring in their own horses on Sundays, they also now will feed their own horses as well - the feed is already made up and other than Blackjack's owner having to soak his beet pulp for 20 minutes, that isn't much of a job. Also, to save money, and accumulate some reserves to pay for the big things, like fencing, painting the barn and getting gravel for the gates and aisles, owners now clean their own stalls on both Saturdays and Sundays. I had been feeding and turning out the horses on Saturdays, but it was getting to be a bit much for me on top of the stall cleaning. So for now owners will now take their own horses to turnout on Saturdays. Turning out my three and doing their stalls now won't be too much for me, I think. It also means a little less money for my job, which will also help out the barn's finances, although it will slightly harm mine. Today was my last day doing Saturday turnout, and it was a rainsheet day as well, so I won't be missing it.

We have had the horses in dry lot the past few days due to the rain and mud, and had been hoping to go back out to pasture for a few more days starting tomorrow, but looking at the mud in the aisles this morning makes me think we may not make it - there's still standing water in one part of the aisle and under that is our special Midwestern clay mud, which has to be either the slipperiest or the stickiest (depending on how wet it is) mud there is!

Hope your weather isn't too bad, and may your day include horses!


  1. It's a typical fall day today -- about 50 degrees, crisp, and a bit breezy. But never fear, we'll have our share of bad weather again soon -- we're supposed to be getting sleet and snow about mid-week! I'll be sure to get out to the barn today and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. :o)

  2. Sounds like having the owners do some of their own work might help get some much needed gravel - hope that works out.

    Our weather sounds the same as yours - rainy,drizzly and cool. I haven't been to the barn in a few days, but I'm guessing there is mud everywhere... yuck.

  3. Thursday here was beautiful and in the 70's I was out taking pictures and at my friends barn with her and her horses. Friday and today it's rainy but not cold, dreary looking outside. A lot of our leaves are gone down here in the hollow but up on the ridges there is still some color. I don't look forward to the long winter ahead, the sun goes over the hills at 3:30 pm here. So glad I only have two equine to care for and they go in and out as they please. No rain sheets or blankets for them; they grow long shaggy warm coats themselves.
    Stay warm!

  4. Temperatures are all over the place here. Quite cold yesterday and now today, tropic...with the rain.

    Sounds as if you have managed to work out a plan to make your workload a lot easier for the winter. Good idea. Hope all goes well.

  5. Doesn't it seem like winter's getting a bit of a head start? We're having a gorgeous fall day here. Worked on the Boyz, made some chili and some brownies and just popped a cold longneck. Life is good.

  6. We've had weather like that here and it's meant to be springtime! I'm really looking forward to it warming up.

  7. I am thinking good thoughts about your barn situation. It sounds like the new program will give you more time with your own horses - hooray!!! I went over to Buckskin and Bay and saw your community. No wonder you don't want to move. It is lovely and peaceful and makes me want to move there!

    Our weather here has been odd, but pretty. I am like you - I don't mind any of it because I dress properly. When I was younger, though, I never dressed right because I was so vain. Now, I look like the Michelin Man, all bundled up for any condition, but I am warm and dry. Also, bonus: if I fall off I think I will just bounce right back up into the saddle!

  8. Kate, I am glad you are cutting down some on your work at the barn. I think you need more barn time for enjoying your own horses and less of the workload.

    Yesterday was cooler with a high in the high 50's, but we are back in the 60's and 70's for the week. I've mentioned it before but October had been odd weather wise, cooler than usual for the first couple of weeks and definitely a lot wetter than normal.


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