Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Mares

It's a beautiful day (for a change!) so I was able to get some fun photos of the mares. I rarely take pictures of Charisma (she's a 20 year-old Morgan mare), as she is in a separate paddock so we can regulate her food intake - she's insulin resistant and seems to be able to gain weight by breathing. Here she is, digging into her morning hay:

She was a little bit worried about what I was up to:

Maybe what I was doing was going to interfere with eating!

She decided everything was OK - her weight's good right now and we want to keep it that way:

Out in the pasture, Maisie was strolling along:

Maisie's in front, with Dawn behind and Misty in the background:

Maisie giving me the eye:

Dawn giving the grass what-for with her teeth:

Sugar up close:

Dawn approaches:

In her winter coat, Dawn has a perfect black "V" between her nostrils:

Dawn's ears are the definition of alert:

Sugar's keeping an ear on Dawn:

Dawn decides she has more important things to do than pose for the camera:

Misty's about got her winter coat:

Maisie on the left and Misty on the right:

Sugar, with Maisie behind and the barn in the background - I love the pale strip she gets in winter between her face and her muzzle:

Dawn back at work doing the most important job of horses - grazing:

Maisie and Misty agree:

Have a lovely day, and may it include horses!


  1. Charisma is very cute, I love Morgans! All of the girls are very photogenic though.

    I am very excited, as of tomorrow we are supposed to have sunny days for the next several days in a row and temps back in the 70's . . . as October is supposed to be for us! It has been an odd month weather wise so far.

  2. Thank you for another photo fix, they all look great going into winter. The photos of Charisma in particular are gorgeous :)

  3. The mares are a pretty bunch. It looks like they have better things to do than pose for the camera, but you got some nice shots anyway. If they're like my herd there's not anything more important than grazing.

  4. Panama's face changes color with the seasons too. In summer his coat is so short and sleek that the black skin on his face under his eyes becomes visible. In winter the hair fills in and his face turns a solid brown again. :o)

  5. Oh but that my days could include horses... one dream that most likely will not come true... though I visit friends who do. Your horses are beautiful and I look forward to scrolling through your posts. Found you from a site posted on Camera Critters. Carol

  6. The girls are all so pretty, happily munching away. Charisma sure doesn't look her age. She's adorable.

  7. Great pics, I especially love the "V" on the nose and close ups of ears! :)

  8. Charisma is adorable (as are the rest of the girls). I love her little Morgan head! I hope she's doing well :)


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