Friday, October 16, 2009

Vertigo and Dawn Undresses From the Inside Out

I had a brief attack of severe vertigo this morning, which isn't my idea of fun. I've had a history of this for several years now - it's usually brought on by some sort of sinus thing, or lying flat at the dentist (as happened yesterday) or hairdresser, or the cold wind blowing on my left ear and the side of my face - I wrap up like a mummy every time it gets cold and windy, as it's been for the past several days. I lay back down and got up very slowly, and it was OK, although it feels a bit as though it's lurking. So no riding today - riding and sudden vertigo are not a good combination. Since the wind chills were in the low 30s and it was spitting rain and sleet, this was a good idea.

Dawn went out to the pasture this morning wearing her fleece cooler and her rain sheet over. She came in from the pasture this morning wearing . . . her rain sheet, all properly buckled up. I was beginning to doubt my memory of having put the cooler on her this morning, although it was nowhere to be found. Then our lady bringing in the horses showed up carrying the cooler, which she had found in the pasture - it was wet and muddy and the area where the belly strap attaches was ripped and the buckle attachment was missing. I guess the front strap, which is only velcroed, came undone, the cooler slid back, and back and back . . . until she somehow worked herself free of it, past the belly straps and crossed back leg straps of her rain sheet, stepping on it in the process and breaking the strap. Who knows? I would have loved to have seen the Houdini routine. This is the same horse who managed to get out of a winter blanket one night in her stall - the person bringing in horses left her front chest snap undone by mistake - and we found the blanket on the floor of her stall in the morning, unripped and with both cross-over belly straps and both back crossed leg snaps still done up and unbroken. She was uninjured and unconcerned this afternoon - the cooler clearly lost the battle! I'm thinking I can remove the belly strap, sew up the hole and attach two rings - I have a spare strap with two snaps on either end that would work.

We may just get some better weather tomorrow afternoon - the morning looks about like today.


  1. Sorry you did not feel well this morning. There have been times when that has happened to me, but it is usually when I am getting out of bed too fast. Hope you are feeling better. It's cold here too.

  2. Dizzy and riding would not be a good thing! I have had spells like that before and they came on suddenly and so bad I had to lay on the floor. Thank goodness I was in the house when that happened!!! Hope you get over it soon.
    Dawn is an escape artist for sure!!!

  3. I know vertigo well. There was a period of time when we were having ongoing earthquakes and I was permanently dizzy until the earth settled. Anyway, the blankets have been a dilemma for me too. It's warm enough now that the horses don't need to wear them, but I don't want to have to carry them all the way back to the house. I've been afraid to leave them hanging in their stalls, because Bombay got his leg caught in a strap this spring and ripped the blanket off the wall. So, tonight I went around to all the blankets and made sure every strap was only hooked up on one end so that there won't be any loops that a horse can get its leg caught in. I hope it works, but as you know, horses invent all kinds of ways to get into mischief.

  4. The vertigo attacks sound challenging - you sure wouldn't want them to happen at the wrong time!!

    I had a mare that could remove her blankets but leave every piece of hardware still attached - the chest buckles, surcingles, and leg straps would all be attached but the blanket would be lying in the field sans horse. I always wanted to see her do it but she never let me catch her in the act. The only time she didn't remove her blanket was if if it was one of our rare truly cold and windy days. So I stopped blanketing her with the exception of a couple of days a year. Clearly she was trying to convey a message and I finally listened!

  5. Sorry to hear about your vertigo, that's got to be a little scary. My Grandmother used to get it quite a bit. Smart idea to stay off the horse today.

    I don't know how they get out of those blankets, but it's an amazing feat to be sure. I think they must slip backwards and they work it until they just step out of it. Good luck fixing the torn one.

  6. Kate, my sister suffers from vertigo problems. She has had them since she was a kid -- she used to be a gymnast, but had to stop because the vertigo was getting worse and starting to interfere. In the last year or two, she started running, but had to stop that too because of vertigo. So I can definitely sympathize with your problem.

    I've been lucky so far -- Panama takes pretty good care of his blankets. They're hardly ever even crooked, let alone damaged, and he's never gotten out of one. A couple of times I've found a belly strap undone, and once a leg strap was ripped, but that was it. He's such a prissy little horse sometimes. ;o)

  7. So sorry about the vertigo. Hope you are feeling better.

    AT least you figured out how Dawn got out of the fleece. Once I found a "naked" horse and a winter blanket in the pasture with all the straps still properly done up.

  8. Sorry to hear you're not well. I don't know anything about vertigo, but it sounds scary. I hope you feel better soon.
    We've just started putting the rugs on ours and hopefully they'll keep them on!!

  9. Hope the vertigo passes soon. I don't do rugs generally but have had some 'houdini's' in the past!

  10. I've had several minor bouts of vertigo, so I know how not fun and scary it is. Hope that clears up soon.

    Jaz's blanket looks like he's an orphan. It's so torn up. I refuse to buy him another one until this one is completely trashed because I know he'll just tear it up too. Poco likes being snuggly. Aside from normal wear & tear, his is fine.


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