Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun With Wordle and Lily in Retirement

Now just for some fun! There's a site called Wordle, where you can enter a blog's URL or a piece of text, and it will display word frequencies in a variety of formats and colors. Here's A Year With Horses so far:

And for a bit more fun, here's Lily at her retirement home in Tennessee - thanks to Melissa of Paradigm Farms for this fun picture of Lily (in back) and one of her pasture mates, Cuff Links, or Cuffie for short - they look like they're doing pasture drill team!

Have a great weekend, and may it include horses!


  1. Lily and Cuffie are adorable! This reminds me of my recent post about how Pie and Sovey are always tight together. Do you think horses especially like other horses of the same color and markings?!?

  2. Fun to see Lily in 'retirement'. I love snaps of this nature, animals being animals and twins, too! Thanks for the wordle link. May have to try it!

  3. The wordle link was so much fun! Mine had "Tucker's favorite things" right in the middle, I thought that was really fitting! Lily and Cuffie are beautiful together. Such a pretty picture!

  4. Thank you for the photo! They look beautiful together.

    We have quite a few old timers at the rescue where I volunteer--horses in their mid- to late 20s, and even a few in their 30s. Most were sent to auction or dumped once they could not perform at the level they had previously.

    I think that it is very admirable of you that you have placed your older horses in a retirement home and am continuing to think of their care. I wish we had more responsible horse owners like you!

    Mary H.


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