Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Mares Get a Round Bale

It's been a beautiful day, starting with a light frost but quickly warming up, blue sky and only a little breeze. No riding for me today, though, because I had my music lessons this afternoon. The mares had eaten all their round bale, so they got a new one this morning. This is always cause for much excitement. Here comes the truck, with the round bale and some squares as well:

Maise and Dawn weren't interested in waiting for the bale to be unloaded:

Sugar was annoyed when she was driven off so the truck could back up - I like how everything but Sugar's body is a blur - she's moving out:

I call this one "Rumps in Motion" - that's Dawn in front with Sugar in back:

Dawn supervises:

Dawn approves of the new hay:

Maisie circles around, stops for a moment and gets a hug from my husband:

A contented face:

On my way home, I stopped and took pictures of some dead trees - we mostly leave them up for the birds and animals. If you're interested, visit this post.


  1. Oh Kate!!!! That hug photo is just the greatest. Your Maisie and your husband - how wonderful!

  2. OH! Your header is breathtakingly adorable and beautiful!
    Too fun getting the hay huh! I agree with J...the shot of your husband and Maisie..too precious!

  3. I keep thinking one of those large round bales would be good for my Boys too.

    I am not going to write much. For some reason the responses I have been posting have been disappearing. Not sure what's going on.

    I have replied to every one of your posts.

  4. Looking at the Pics I miss going to the stables. i have not been in awhile.

  5. heehee yes supervision is greatly needed. :D

  6. Oh yeah, a new round bale is exciting stuff here too. And no, they never wait until it's unloaded. If you ask them, they haven't been fed in weeks.

  7. I love the pictures of them snatching hay off the truck, Dawn supervising, and your husband hugging Maisie. My husband is a big time horse hugger too.

  8. LOVE, love, love the picture of your husband and Maisie!


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