Friday, November 20, 2009

A Nice Day For a Roll, and Maybe a Ride (or Two?)

The rains have finally moved through and it's a beautiful morning - some breeze, but clearing skies and the temperatures are supposed to reach the low 50s. The horses are enjoying a day without rain sheets, so of course it's time to roll, and roll and roll. We didn't get too much rain, so apparently the mud is now horse-approved. The geldings have created a "rolling spot" some yards inside the gate, where the mud is just that perfect consistency - not too wet but just moist enough so it'll pack down and pack on to their coats. Fred started the spot yesterday and as he got up and started to circle to roll on the other side, Fritz drove him off the spot to use it himself. Noble used it next and actually rolled all the way over, which I haven't seen him do in a long time. This morning there was more rolling in the perfect spot, including Fritz taking a long time to scrub his neck and face back and forth in the mud - when he got up his forelock was caked with mud and you couldn't see that he had a star on his forehead.

It's so lovely I expect there may even be some riding today - it's been more than a week. I hope to do some brief ground-driving with Dawn in her fuzzy halter, to remind her of what we're up to and to check her energy level and attention, then we'll review our backing in hand with the bridle, and if all goes well, I'll ride a bit, working on our softening work in the back and walk. I'm hoping my husband can take a few pictures of our work session. Then I hope to get on Maisie - I may ground drive in the halter for a little to get her to focus, and then work in the arena a bit - the footing looks OK.

Hope you're having a nice November day, and may it include horses!


  1. Oh, so I'm not alone in my mud woes! :-)

    Those silly geldings - rubbing their faces in the mud. That is a familiar tale to me.

    Hope you get out for a ride!

  2. We're having the same weather here for the last few days, lovely, sunny and warm. All our horses had a good roll today, so all very dirty, but I'd already ridden so no matter.

  3. We are drowning here in Western WA!! the pastures are flooding. Horses are restless and cranky. So am I! ;) Nice to read about clear skies somewhere!

  4. Aaaah, mud, one of the finest of creature comforts to a horse! Hope you have some great sessions with Dawn and Maisie. Another gorgeous day here as well.

  5. Our November has been so beautiful! I'm sure my horse has been enjoying it! Too bad I have been under the weather and haven't been able to enjoy it much! I am glad for people like you and Honeysuckle Faire--I have been riding vicariously through you!

  6. There have been three mud-monsters in my pasture for over a week now. I have never understood the attraction between horses and mud.....

    Hope you got your rides in today and I especially hope you got the pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing Dawn in action.

  7. Yea...totally have diminished my available ride times..with the lack of dry and light lately!Mine is only muddy on her mane/ head/legs. It has been snowing out there, so I keep the blanket on her all the time now.


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